Why is testing reducing in Portugal?

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Catarina Martins from the Left Block has criticized the reduction in the number of tests for covid-19, despite successive announcements by the Government of a programme of mass testing.

Speaking at the presentation of BE candidates to local authorities in Salvaterra de Magos, in the district of Santarém, Catarina Martins recalled that the mass testing programme was announced in February and again in March and April, but has not started and the number of tests has been declining.

"It's June and the number of tests has been decreasing, and don't tell us it's because of the holidays, because precisely because of the holidays, we need more testing," she said, noting that out of 325,000 tests in a week carried out 15 days ago, the number was now down to 296,000 last week, when the Directorate-General of Health guaranteed that there was capacity to carry out 100,000 tests a day.

Stressing the "success" of vaccination in Portugal, demonstrated in the reduction in the number of deaths, particularly in nursery homes, Catarina Martins warned, however, of the need to "look carefully at the number of infections that have been increasing in recent weeks ”.

"In the coming weeks we will hear many calls for individual responsibility to contain the pandemic," she said, stressing that there is also a "public and collective" responsibility, therefore, the delay in testing is not understood.

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Nursery homes? Who writes this garbage? And as for the headline, I give up. Why is testing being reduced in Portugal? reads so much better.

By Ron from Porto on 14-06-2021 11:20

If people aren’t sick then there’s no reason to test them. Anyway it is common knowledge that PCR tests are not fit to be used for diagnostic purposes.

By SS from Algarve on 13-06-2021 07:02
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