Calls for new cars sold in Portugal to be 100% electric from 2035

By TPN/Lusa, in News, Sustainability , Motoring · 14-06-2021 19:00:00 · 1 Comments

Environmental association Zero has called for new cars sold in Portugal to be 100% electric from 2035.

A study released today by the association said 100% electric cars will be cheaper than conventional ones in 2030. In a statement, Zero states that a drop in the price of batteries and a shift to manufacturing platforms dedicated to electric vehicles by builders will allow for "great reductions" in production costs.

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Electric cars means batteries means lithium mining in Portugal.
So expect more villages getting burnt out in the mining areas so they can grab the land.
Get used to traveling by public transport because they have a limited range and unless you have a property with a garage then how will you charge it.
In Caldas da Rainha you always see the same vehicle plugged in to the on street charging point so if you need a top up you are stuffed.dont have that problem with garages and petrol.
Portuguese government better start getting the inferstructure in now as it will take them for ever to do it.that is of course if we are not all dead from the dreaded covid 19.
Let's face it ,they want us all trapped in our homes and if we are good then once a week they will come and give us our food parcel.but if you are naughty then you go hungry.The dictatorship is just around the corner.

By Peter from Lisbon on 16-06-2021 05:05
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