PSP arrest suspects for theft and drug trafficking in Algarve

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PSP police have arrested two men in the Algarve, one for alleged theft in commercial establishments and the other on suspicion of drug trafficking.

Both suspects are awaiting trial in custody. One of the suspects, aged 41, is believed to be behind a string of thefts in establishments in Portimão, Albufeira, Silves and Loulé. Meanwhile officers in Lagos arrested a 33-year-old man for alleged drug trafficking (…) after investigations began about a year ago. Postal do Algarve

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I’m actually shocked that someone was arrested in Lagos! There are a lot more police on the streets these days in Lagos but all they seem to do is harass small businesses (trying to earn honest livings) because of some perceived, pedantic breaking of arbitrary rules. Meanwhile menacing drug dealers operate openly in the square in front of the police station and at times in front of the police but are just ignored. Then there are the ever growing crowds of “new age traveler” types who purport to be buskers without any discernible talent who effectively pester people sitting outside restaurants, trying to enjoy their meals, for money. Again they are just ignored by the police. But I guess small businesses will pay their fines like good obedient citizens (or easy prey from the police point of view) whereas the antisocial mob will just disregard them.

By SS from Algarve on 14-06-2021 05:10
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