Portugal now issuing digital vaccination certificates

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Portugal has begun, on 16 June, issuing digital vaccination certificates against Covid-19 and, from Thursday, 17 June, it will be possible to request this on the SNS24 portal.

In a joint statement, the Ministry of Health, the Directorate General of Health (DGS) and the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health explain that to obtain the digital certificate, the citizen should access the SNS24 portal, follow the instructions and choose the type of certificate you want.

After validation of the request, the document is made available on the portal or can be sent, later, to the indicated 'email', without any associated costs.

"To improve cross-border acceptance, it is written in Portuguese and English," the authorities stress.

In the joint note, the authorities clarify that, "it will soon be possible to obtain the certificates on other platforms, as well as access the certificate for rapid molecular testing."

According to the European Regulation on the Digital Certificate, the European verification systems should all be in place from 1 July.

According to DGS guidance, Covid-19 digital certificates can be used in all member states, as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

The EU's digital Covid-19 certificate, which proves (negative) testing, vaccination or recovery of Covid-19, "will also be open to comparable initiatives being developed by third countries or international organisations", says the DGS.

The health authority recalls, however, that the certificate "may not exempt the respective holders, depending on the worsening of the epidemiological situation, from complying with additional public health measures on arrival in the Member State of destination of the trip.

The document has a QR code with the essential data required and which is used "to securely verify the authenticity, integrity and validity of the certificate", the health authority reminds, adding that the certificate will have information such as "name, date of birth, date of issue and relevant information about the vaccination, test or recovery".

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My wife and I had the Janssen vaccine a month ago, but still can't get the digital certificate. We follow the instructions exactly, but it comes back with our data is invalid. I think the problem is that when we originally registered at the health clinic for our Utente identification, we only had a uk mobile phone, but the service now only recognises Portuguese mobiles, but it is proving impossible to register our new Portuguese mobile number.

By Alan Philpott from Algarve on 07-07-2021 12:59

We are from Canada, with Temporary Residency in Portugal. We can do nothing more than commend the Portuguese government for the vaccination, and subsequent digital certificate. We got our vaccinations without issue, and were able to obtain our digital certificates without any problems. Anyone who is saying they have issues, is simply not taking the time to follow the steps to download the certificate.

By Larry Dickie from Algarve on 20-06-2021 05:42

1. Consegui o certificado mas não pelo iphone. Tive de o aceder no portátil. Não é mto operacional ter de o fazer dessa forma.
2. O formato é de um A4 não transponivel com qualidade para o ecran do iphone!
Não vão encontrar outra configuração?

By Maria from Lisbon on 18-06-2021 12:35

I was vaccinated 1 month ago and have tried to get the digital vaccination certificate, without success. All that I get is a message saying there is an authentication error!
Before the governments makes grand pronouncements, such as this one about vaccination certificates, they should make sure that the system works and has all of the information entered so that it works first time and every time.
While the certificate is supposed to be in Portuguese and English the SNS24 portal site is only in Portuguese and does not offer any other language options!
The whole performance of the Government and the public service in all aspects of this situation can only be described as third world standard.

By Stephen from Beiras on 17-06-2021 10:25
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