Lisbon weekend lockdown “legal”

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The Government has defended that the prohibition of movement to and from the Lisbon Metropolitan Area on weekends “is framed in the civil protection law and in public health law” due to the state of calamity.

"Obviously, it is difficult to explain and take these measures, but it is a condition that seems fundamental to us at this time in order not to spread the situation in Lisbon throughout the country", the Minister of State and Presidency. Mariana Vieira da Silva said to journalists.

According to Mariana Vieira da Silva, this ban on circulation, in the Government's view, “is framed in civil protection law and in public health law, with the country in a state of calamity as it is”.

“It will be communicated and explained using the ways we usually use it,” she said.

The Government decided today to prohibit the movement to and from the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (AML) on weekends, from 15:00 on Friday until 06:00 on Monday, due to the increase in cases of covid-19 in this area.

“After 15 months of pandemic, it makes no sense, as far as I am concerned, for us to systematically question our ability to take the measures we have been taking over the past few weeks,” she argued.

According to Mariana Vieira da Silva, “it is too early” to say how long this new measure is expected to last.

“Even because, as I said, in the coming weeks we will have a lot of information about the prevalence of the Delta variant and also depending on this information and its dispersion in the territory, we will be able to look again at the measure we took here. At the moment, with the information we have, the incidence seems to be much more significant in AML than it is in the rest of the country”, she explained.

The Minister and State and the Presidency justified this decision with the need to have no regrets in the future “of not having taken the decisions in time”.

“We made this decision now, we are always available to reassess it according to the data that comes to us”, she assured.

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Greetings from the North of the country...Fresh air, green tree's and mountains...Chirping birds, butterflies abound and fragrant wild flower's...Do any of you remember these thing's...There will not be a return to normal until you stop lying to people...

By Sakamoto Saurez from Other on 18-06-2021 12:42

It is illegal, not even during WW2 was any of this kind of movement restrictions in place same for the spanish flu in 1917.

Why is it that Florida, Texas and Sweden since the start of this madness never closed down anything? In Sweden no masks is forced on people, there is no movement restrictions, it is free to leave and arrive to the country and no tests are done in mass scale creating hysteria.

How shall movement restrictions to and from Lisbon make any difference when transport of goods and services are done any way every day in the weekends?

Even if there is a virus just let it freely spread, this flu is a mild disease not posing any threat to majority of people, nature solve this fast if no interference is done.

As soon as everyone get the flu the problem is over, Covid 19 is season flu 2020 and people doesnt understand it even when symptoms are same as season flu, it is going to continue like this for the coming 20 years, the madness must be stopped, medical doctors are not elected by the population and should not at all making any decisions regarding movement rights, covid certificate is also illegal, EU free movement is guaranteed in the EU charter, if free movement inside EU is prevented by any vaccination or tests for a flu virus we have a new kind of dictatorship in Europe.

By Magnus from Other on 18-06-2021 03:01

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, India.........Zulu.

Might as well create a virus variant for the whole International Radiotelephony Alphabet...

Remember this everyone:
1. A PCR test that is 97.9% Inaccurate
2. A virus with a death rate of 0.3%
3. A vaccine that maims and lethal leading deaths in and in itself.
4. A saviour of a vaccine that does not even protect you from covid after two doses let alone one..
5. Walking into a restaurant or a shopping arcade with a mask taking 5 minutes, sitting down at an eatery to consume your food and drink taking 30 minutes without a mask and without developing symptoms thereafter nor dying from exposure.
6. Being told to put alcohol on your hands so often your skin on your hands become so dry, chapped and damaged.
7. Wearing a mask that protects you from nothing other increasing your chance of death through hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and proven scientifically to be useless.
8. The list goes on.......
9. ......and on.......
10. .................and on.

++ Stupidly Absurd ++ beyond any form of human comprehension.

By Ronald Steiner from Other on 17-06-2021 07:39
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