The event is called "BetterLife 50 plus" and will be broadcast by Zoom and via the social network Facebook on Friday and Saturday.

"The North American public has expressed interest in Europe and Portugal in the sense of having a second option in terms of residence, in the sense of finding a solution for leaving the United States when they reach retirement," described the director of the Engel & Völkers Porto office, a company linked to the specialised sale of luxury segment, one of the organisers of "BetterLife 50 plus".

Speaking to Lusa news agency, Gustavo Soares said that "in the last three years we have felt the demand from North Americans, especially seniors, in destinations such as Porto, Lisbon and the Algarve".

"Portugal needs investment and this type of investment is also important to sustain small businesses and local commerce. Sometimes we go looking for big investors, but the importance of this public shouldn't be underestimated", he said.

For this reason, Engel & Völkers Porto decided to partner with consultants LifeStyle and Splendid Evasion and create an 'online' event in 'summit' format that will serve to show the potential of the country and answer the questions of potential future residents and investors in Portugal.

"What do you need to do legally to obtain residency in Portugal?" or "What are the conditions of Portugal in terms of health?" are some of the questions that Gustavo Soares believes will be answered in "BetterLife 50 plus".

Added areas such as taxation or 'lifeStyle', as well as residential, among others.

"The aim is to show the offer that exists in national terms", said Gustavo Soares about the event that targets people who traditionally start planning their retirement at 50, a planning that often includes deciding the country where they want to live.

Gustavo Soares believes that Portugal is "increasingly" attracting this public either because of the "political and economic stability it ensures, or because of the feeling of security or the climate", as it is "a country with excellent public and private health care" or one that enjoys "almost 4,000 hours of sunshine all year round", he said.

"Portugal is a country with an affordable standard of living and renowned hospitality," he added, recalling that, in counterpoint, "this public lives in a country that faces internal conflicts, such as the recent presidential elections, fear and the risk of rising inflation and insecurity phenomena."

In a communiqué sent to Lusa, the organisation describes that this summit is the result of an association between North American and Portuguese companies and counts with the participation of international specialists.

It adds a tourism and entertainment component through travel programmes to major cities and national sites to "promote the best that Portugal has to offer.

"In post-covid times, political division and the ever-increasing cost of living and healthcare have meant that more and more Americans, especially over the age of 50, are longing for a quieter, more affordable and safer place to live. Portugal can be a solution to different challenges and not necessarily mean leaving the United States forever," said Sabine Sponsel, managing partner of LifeStyle, quoted in the statement.

Also the CEO of Splendid Evasion, Pedro Zenha, speaks, in the same text, of the target audience of this event, noting that "some people may want to know what to do to get a European residence, some are looking for affordable medical treatment, some have ideas for an affordable retirement in the sun, and some want to escape cold winters or are looking for real travel experience meaningful and even transformative.

Participation in BetterLife 50 plus is free, but subject to registration.