In an open letter signed by Secretary General Jonas Baer-Hoffmann, which coincided with the start of Euro2020 and the Copa América, the organisation recalled that the “intensity of physical and mental demands” that currently exists and defended that a change is needed.

“It’s time for change. In the coming months, we will negotiate and fight with FIFA and other federative entities so that players have more of a voice, while we fight for a fairer and more reasonable schedule. Over the past four years, players around the world have told us that the schedule does not take into account their needs and that it leaves them physically and mentally exhausted”, the letter reads.

FIFPRO also regrets that footballers continue to be excluded from major administrative decisions, such as the recent failed project of the European Superliga or the confirmation of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

“Players have no say in these issues, but then they have to face the consequences of those same decisions. The players are the face of the game, not the managers. Players have to be consulted and heard in big decisions”, stressed Baer-Hoffmann.

The international union also promised to fight for better protocols to protect players’ health, as well as better working conditions, during the Covid-19 pandemic.