Lisbon lockdown affecting Algarve tourism

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Circulation restrictions imposed on the Lisbon Metropolitan Area due to the Covid pandemic will have a depressing effect on tourism, by discouraging those who planned to spend a few days in the Algarve, said the president of the Algarve hoteliers association.

Speaking to Lusa agency, the president of the Algarve Hotels and Touristic Enterprises Association (AHETA) considers that the restriction of circulation, “is another blow for the Algarve, a region that hopes that the internal market will help to minimise losses with international markets”.

“The restrictions somehow, whether you like it or not, always end up discouraging people who were thinking of spending the weekend in the Algarve”, indicated Elidérico Viegas.

The president of the largest hotel association in the Algarve, considers that the increases in the number of covid-19 infections and restrictions on the movement of people, "are not good news for the tourism sector and cause concern and consternation for hotel businesses".

“Hotel entrepreneurs, already faced with the loss of the biggest tourist supplier such as the United Kingdom, are now also faced with internal limitations”, he lamented.

For Elidérico Viegas, the tourism sector “continues to live in times of uncertainty, a difficult situation that no one connected to the sector wants to have”.

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The only thing that makes me ashamed is the fear and cowardice. Look at the numbers! Cases are barely up in Portugal; deaths are extremely low. Lower than flu at this point. Where were you people demanding that we shut down the entire planet when 500,000 people died of influenza in 2018? Or how about the year before? Or the year before that? Yes, death is tragic. It's also a part of life. People still need to feed themselves and their families when there's a virus. Tourism is a big part of that. The Earth does not stop spinning just because the harsh realities of life become momentarily clearer to coddled, weak people accustomed to prosperity, for whom mortality is just some kind of bad dream. I'm tired of this garbage. If you don't feel safe, YOU stay home, and then you will be. For some of us, in order for survival to be worthwhile, life has to be worth living.

By Lincoln from Other on 22-06-2021 01:05

What I can not understand. We open the country for tourists mainly brits where the delta variants is spread even without PCR tests. We get locked. What logic is behind it?? Conclusion tourist can do whatever they want and we locked over the summer in hour houses.

By thomas from Lisbon on 21-06-2021 01:55

It was a mistake to allow champions league and other sporting events to go ahead with fans etc attending and more than likely spread the virus

By Fidelma Frewen from Other on 20-06-2021 09:27

IT is the public not following precautions laid down by the goverment that is helping to spread the corona virus sadley putting their own families and public lives at risk so please dont blame everything on the govermnt they are doing their best .Follow the guide lines that are given and keep everyone including yourselfs safe.

By Jennufer Christine Atkins from Algarve on 20-06-2021 05:44

Do lockdowns work? The evidence from the past 18 months is I believe no, they do not work. The best thing for the health and well being of people in the Algarve and Lisbon would be to lift the Lisbon lockdown. But politicians have their own agenda.

By Philip from Other on 20-06-2021 10:59

Yes let us put the health of the Algarve residents at risk so the big hotel chains can make more profits...

By Terence from Algarve on 19-06-2021 09:06

The agenda of this medium pushing tourism when people are dying is shameful.

By Rui F Ribeiro from Lisbon on 19-06-2021 06:06
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