British government studying quarantine exemption for vaccinated

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has admitted today that he is evaluating the possibility of exempting from quarantine people who are fully vaccinated against covid-19 who arrive from abroad, but avoided talking about adding more countries to the “green list”.

Asked by journalists during a visit to a scientific laboratory in Hertfordshire, North London, Boris said that it is "very important" to look "at everyone's opportunities" (…) in the coming months to have two vaccines.

However, he stressed that the priority will be to protect the country from the entry of new variants of coronavirus.

“This is going to be, no matter what, a difficult year to travel. There will be problems, there will be delays, because the priority must be to keep the country safe and prevent the virus from returning”, he explained.

The British press has reported, based on anonymous government sources, that the exemption from quarantine is being studied for people with two doses who arrive from countries on the “amber list”, such as Portugal.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the Ministry of Transport will propose to exempt vaccinated adults and unvaccinated children from the isolation currently required for Britons who arrive from holiday destinations such as Spain, Italy, France or Greece.

Countries on the “amber list” are subject to tighter restrictions, namely a 10-day quarantine on arrival in the UK, and two PCR tests on the second and eighth days.

With regard to the "green list", currently limited to 11 countries and territories, exempts travellers arriving in British territory from quarantine and testing, although they are still required to get a PCR test before boarding.

The “red list” requires a 10-day quarantine, plus two PCR tests, and travel is prohibited for non-essential reasons for those countries.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland set their own rules but have the same 'traffic light' system for international travel and have followed England.

The review of the composition of the "green list", made every three weeks, takes place this Thursday, but several ministers have ruled out the possibility of being extended in the short term and the British press suggests that the new rules may only come into force in the end of July.

Due to the rapid spread of the Delta variant, the British Government last week decided to postpone to 19 July the fourth stage of the easing of lockdown plan which foresees to eliminate most of the restrictions, namely in terms of big events and the capacity of closed spaces.

The British Government hopes that by that date all adults will have received at least one of the doses.

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With regard to the paper masks people are wearing.

Just blow through them onto a pair of glasses and you will see the glasses steam up.That tells you the virus can easily pass through.

Those paper masks are worthless and dangerous .People should be wearing at least N95 preferably N99

Be extra careful around unmasked children who tend to shout and cough.

By James from Algarve on 22-06-2021 08:52

I am so glad to see that the comments posted on this article all make the same point and that it seems people are waking up to the fraud that is being perpetrated. Protests are growing in size and soon critical mass will be reached and the ring leaders in governments and related bodies will be brought to justice.

By SS from Algarve on 21-06-2021 10:54

We are making the fatal mistake of vaccinating in the middle of a pandemic.This mean those that are vaccinated will be breeding grounds for new variants which will then escape into the population.
Herd immunity is a fallacy because the vaccines were designed for the initial coronavirus and each variant will make those vaccines less effective.So we will always be playing catch up with a virus that can create a new variant in 14 days.
The mayor of Moscow today actually stated the reality, which is endless vaccinations.

This is not going anywhere fast.

We are in a totally new world and when I hear people saying they are getting vaccinated so things can get back to normal,I really worry for them.

By James from Algarve on 21-06-2021 09:45

This is just nonsense. Those who received the so-called vaccine are still contagious, they can also get sick and get the flu. The tests are not reliable, everyone who has found out all the information knows this and you can not infect anyone if you do not have symptoms. Let people live as usual and protect the elderly and the multi-sick. The rest of us can live as usual because this is just a normal flu that comes back every year. In addition, it is disgusting to discriminate against those who do not want or can take what they call vaccines (it is not a vaccine it is a gene medicine). Please, find out the FACTS and come back afterwards. Many experts, doctors and professors are censored in the mainstream media. The so-called pandemic is the greatest deception against humanity of all time. You should be ashamed, you media that spreads your propaganda and censors those who do not "think right". You in the media protect the fraudsters, it's all very simple, "follow the money".

Listen to Michael Yeadon, former vice presidente on Pfizer and you will find the TRUTH. bitchute dot com / video / BqOlM6uIGP7G

By Liz from Lisbon on 21-06-2021 08:06

Classic Divide and Conquer:
1. Separate the masses (Divide)
2. Go in for the kill (Conquer)

By Samson Peters from Lisbon on 21-06-2021 06:59

As if the UK has not enough problems with the Covid variant. It is well known being full vaccinated does neither prevent getting Covid19 or spreading it, it just prevents you getting very sick and/or slightly impaired for life.

By Rui F Ribeiro from Lisbon on 21-06-2021 06:10
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