Travel Restrictions Between Europe and the United States

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The dawn of the Corona Virus pandemic hit the world hard. For one, people had to struggle in an effort to adjust to the new normal and overcome the obstructions and distractions associated with the pandemic.

One of the most affected industries was the transport industry. The requirements to visit different countries keep changing now and then. With inconsistent regulations, it can be challenging and confusing for people who want to travel abroad, the same challenge applying even to those wishing to travel between Europe and the United States of America.

After the election of the new US president, the travel restrictions to the country became more strict; the governments did so to keep new Covid 19 variants at bay while they tried containing the already existing ones.

Regardless if you want to travel to the US visa-free, you need to check and see if you are eligible to get approved for one.

Which passengers were banned from traveling into the United States?

Every government is trying its best to contain and manage the spread of the Covid-19 disease. As a result, the US immigration department instilled a travel ban for people who had visited some European countries. Some of these countries include Portugal, Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Greece, and Ireland.

Those who are to be permitted into the US from Europe must present a medical certificate that proves that they have tested negative for the disease. This means that everybody (apart from those in the military and children under the age of 2) had to be tested prior to their visit, preferably three days before their journey. The accepted testing methods include:

  • Viral antigen
  • NAAT
  • RT-PCR
  • TMA

These restrictions have affected global trade immensely. In fact, by the end of the year 2020, the trade of global merchandise recorded the sharpest quarter-on-quarter decline ever to be recorded. Falling with a staggering 14.3%, much focus had to be directed towards breaking down supply chains and restructuring them in a way that keeps them relevant and functional. The collapse of these chains proved just how much countries depend on each other.

However, even with the numerous challenges, the wait seems to be nearly over. Vaccinated US citizens will soon be allowed to travel to Europe after a year-long ban. On May 19, 2021, ambassadors in the European Union decided that fully vaccinated visitors can now be allowed to visit the 27-nation bloc. Some of these countries include Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Georgia, and Iceland.

However, even with traveling being allowed, there are still measures that have to be followed. For example, if you want to travel on the COVID – tested flights, you must get tested before your departure and on arrival. This is mandatory for everyone, whether you have received the vaccine or not. However, the good news for those entering the US from Europe is that you will not be required to quarantine once the test results are out.


Every country has had to put in efforts to adjust to the new normal. However, with the vaccines out now, things seem to be getting easier and more manageable now.

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Absolutely agree with the Danish lady.
The ban from Schengen makes absolutely no sense anymore, which is what makes the situation extremely frustrating. It's also very concerning how politicians can impose such mindless laws...

By K from Other on 24-06-2021 05:02

As a danish citizen with an American mother I find it unhuman that America can't find a way to unit families and love ones.
You can travel safely with test, vaccine and quarantine.
And what I really find stupid is I can come from a country with hardly any one in the hospital, sick and dying and be banned from entering but I can fly to Mexico and Turkey stay for 14 days and legally fly to USA those country's death rate and people getting is so much higher . Tell me again how that's more safe.. ????
My Mother vote for President Biden first time ever she didn't vote republican, because President Trump took away her right to see her daughter (me) but I have to say the way President Biden have handled this I don't think he will get her vote next time.

By MALENE RIGGS from Other on 23-06-2021 12:16

Please the information in your articak is false.
The united States is closed to non US residents .and articles like this are fueling the fake news system .
This is not news it's feeding of something that happened months ago in the hope of headlining you paper...

By Dave Yeates from Other on 22-06-2021 07:16
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