Alas not the same for having a New Zealand passport. Started the process registering & receiving a Fiscal number, so far so good. Next step an appointment with SEF, well 8 months later, having explored every avenue possible, still no appointment. After reading the article ' Immigration Association denounce "Mafias" that sell SEF appointments, in The Portugal News 5 June, 2021, I perhaps can understand why. Unfortunately no Residency equates to no health number to no Covid-19 vaccination. Registered for the vaccine as required but heard nothing. Then it was announced that any one over the age of 70 could get vaccinated without an appointment. Off I went to the Portimao Covid 19 centre only to be told no health number, no vaccination. They would only look at people without a health number once everyone who has a health number has been vaccinated.

If my memory serves me correctly the Government announced last year that because of Covid-19 anyone who had started the process for residency / citizenship, which I had, would be treated as if they had successfully completed the process to prevent them being discriminated against for health care, benefits etc.

SO through NO fault of my own I am denied the Covid-19 vaccination. This is blatant discrimination and a breach of my human rights. Portugal government shame on you.

PS: If anyone, who does not have a British passport, has obtained an appointment with SEF I would love to hear from you.

Kirkaldie, Alvor.