Portugal unable to progress with easing of lockdown

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The Minister of the Presidency has announced that there are no conditions to continue the easing of lockdown plan in Portugal, taking into account that the country is “clearly in the red zone” of the pandemic control risk matrix.

“Portugal is, at this moment, clearly in the red zone of our matrix, so there are no conditions to continue the planned easing of lockdown plan”, said Mariana Vieira da Silva, at the end of the Council of Ministers.

According to her, the incidence of new cases of infection per 100,000 inhabitants is currently at 129.6 and the virus transmissibility index (Rt) at 1.18 in continental territory.

In a press conference, Mariana Vieira da Silva also considered that the worsening of the situation does not mean that "it is possible to speak of a total lack of control" of the covid-19 pandemic, since in "many territories of the country" there is a low incidence of new cases.

"What we have is the need to respond early to growth and that is what we are trying to do", said the official, recalling that, according to published studies, the Delta variant, associated with India, has "an important role in countries where it has a large presence”, such as the United Kingdom and Portugal.

According to the Minister of State and the Presidency, the increase in social contacts and the gradual return to normality, within the scope of the various phases of alleviation of restrictions, “would always have the effect of increasing the number of cases”, but “it was not expected to be as high” as the latest data indicate.

Mariana Vieira da Silva also stated that the Government had presented the easing of lockdown plan, which started on March 15, as valid until the end of August, and “this is, at this moment, the decision” of the executive.

"If you ask me if there is a worsening of the pandemic, if we can again look at the matrix, obviously yes", said the minister at the press conference where new measures to control the covid-19 pandemic were announced.

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WOW! And I thought the US had the conspiratorial lunacy market cornered!

By Baron Bustin from USA on 27-06-2021 05:58

Indeed. Absurdity is you and yours forte. Public Office of Misinformation perhaps? Excuse me....I must remove my mask, so I can laugh heartily....Thank you.

By William from Other on 26-06-2021 01:40

Hahaha Terry , have a laugh on me while you have a chance buddy.....
You won't be laughing very soon ;-)

By Cesar G. from Porto on 25-06-2021 11:13

@ William
.... Yet another sleeper
One would have thought with all the recent absurdity you would have woken up by now

By Hector James from Lisbon on 25-06-2021 08:19

Cesar and the world is flat and the moon is made of cheese

By Terry from Algarve on 25-06-2021 07:54

Jolly good show, everyone!
After the resistance takes over, Cesar could be Captain Chaos. Tony could run the Department of DeDense. Kate could be Secretary of the State of Confusion. And Michael could run the Department of the Inferior.

By William from Other on 25-06-2021 05:20

So Terry - let me guess. The World Trade Centre collapse was done by a bunch of Islamic terrorists, and Princes Diana was killed in a car accident, the Clintons are a wonderful couple wishing peace and prosperity world over and Michael Jackson works in your local candy store molesting children........
I am sure you are a believer of all the illusory junk they feed your mind with.
Think out of the box you're boxed into mate.
It might help you leave behind the herd of sheep you've been accustomed to be with, so much so you might actually find out something they didn't tell you about.
Something so jaw dropping you felt sorry to write me back.
May your awakening be forthcoming mate...

By Cesar G. from Porto on 25-06-2021 04:09

There will always be the next "variant". You will be beaten, locked up, restrained, masked, and broke until you decide you have had enough. Portuguese are brain washed by television, and the politicians are selling your country and future

By Latoysha Adams from USA on 25-06-2021 04:01

Maddox / where do you get off calling someone who may be a brexiteer, far right!?
I'm a brexiteer but I did support liebour until they tried to undo a democratic vote.
Not wanting to be part of EUSSR does not mate a person bad.

By Hazel from Algarve on 25-06-2021 02:27

It's sad to see that my wake up post was censored! I applaude Kate and others for their comments.

By Ana from Algarve on 25-06-2021 02:26

So Cesar G and Kate - let me guess. The 1969 moon landings were filmed in Stephen Speilbergs back garden, JFK murdered Marilyn Monroe and Elvis works in your local chip shop........

By Terry from Algarve on 25-06-2021 02:24

Dear Michael and Tony, what a very strange and illogical idea that the Chinese government would wish to ruin other countries' economies...when their own economy depends almost completely on trade with the rest of the world. What's the motivation? None of these bizarre ideas make any sense with the slightest examination. Stop reading this nonsense and face reality!

By Felix from UK on 25-06-2021 02:12

What we don't know, is if this was a conspiracy of the Chinese Communist Dictarship Government. To spread the Covid 19, Corona virus on the world, to ruin the world economies by isolating every body, shutting down businesses, and ending our civil liberties, freedom to circulate, our freedom is at stake. This could start a world Dictarship, where the people will be controlled by the Governments and Authorities. Good bye freedom of speech, freedom to circulate, freedom to gather with families, or friends. By Tony Magano, from Canada

By Tony Magano from Other on 25-06-2021 01:29

Please Portugal News could you stop displaying irresponsible, antisocial and downright mad and dangerous comments from people such as Kate. And to Kate I suggest a week of work in a hospital emergency department - then come back and tell us all about the "hoax".

By Felix Ansell from UK on 25-06-2021 01:04

Peter - Perhaps you and Michel should move to an island where the government will spoon feed you. And if youre a good boy and give them all of your money - then they will change your nappy… you’ll have to schedule the nappy change and wait six months to a year of course.

The virus was created in a lab in Wuhan China. A lab run by the Chinese Communists. The virus was released from the lab. The communists used the virus as an opportunity to hobble the west. The European socialists have seized on the virus and people’s initial good faith - to take peoples liberty - which has always been their objective. And they ain’t giving it back without a struggle.

The “virus” is an excuse.

By Michael from Lisbon on 25-06-2021 12:25

Yes Peter.....
.....Wait till you find out what they injected you with.
That will be the day.

By Cesar G. from Porto on 25-06-2021 11:40

Reading the comments of your readers they have obviously lost the plot!!! Maybe Cesar and Kate are an item or should be in a mental institution?

By Peter from Algarve on 25-06-2021 11:37

Michael , Kate , We are ONE !
We the PEOPLE will resist !
We are the RESISTANCE !

By Cesar G. from Porto on 25-06-2021 11:36

People calling COVID a hoax should actually get COVID and hopefully visit the ICU to see if it's real.

Kate is clearly far-right and has a lot of time on her hand, probably a Brexiter living in algarve.

Michel is the only sensible person here. Rest all are waste of time twats spending their time reading Portugal News and Fox News.

By Maddox from Lisbon on 25-06-2021 11:33

When are we going to wake up to the fact that we civilians of society are being played BIG TIME ?
We have for too long given away our consent to those who do not have our best interest at heart (as they don't even have a heart) and today we are suffering the consequences of it.
They are playing us which ever way they want, treating us as mere fools thinking they can disrespect us, consider each one of us as mere numbers on a list and penalise us as they see fit if we are to break 'their' rules forced on to us.
This is NOT what one deems to be morally justifiable behaviour, nor is it acting with integrity and ethics in a purported democracy.
This is called fear mongering to the highest degree.
This is what AUTHORITARIAN regimes use to suppress civilians living in a democratic environment.
Making us fearful for a virus that has a 0.3% mortality rate.
Think about it deeply !
Does any of this make sense to you ?!
Think Deep before they send us to the concentration camps like they did in the past !
Time is fast running out !

By Cesar G. from Porto on 25-06-2021 11:14

Michel / You and the government are full of crapola! The socialists are as corrupt and destructive to peoples lives as the Nazis. People must resist.

By Michael from Lisbon on 25-06-2021 11:13

Covid 29 is a hoax! The pct test has already been exposed by judges and scientists, but the Portuguese communist traitors still ignore reality and continue on creating fraudelent positive covid data in order to enable more more and more torture lockdowns and destruction of peoples businesses and livelihoods in following the orders of the klaus Schwab world economic forum communist Nazi gangsters, portugal politicians and medical bureaucrats are bought and paid for, by the cabal of rothschilds great reset criminals, committing genocide and murdering millions millions millions billions of people!
Stop them now! Resist! Do not cooperate, keep u businesses open, refuse to acquiesce, fight back, re lot against the biggest mass murder of human beings in history! They are now engineering phasec2, food shortages, power cuts, water shortages.
Resist, form groups, protest. Use telegram to find out real news and know what is going on. Ms media is bought owned by the great reset gangsters!

By Kate from Algarve on 25-06-2021 10:10

The arroganse of the French is evident in writing to an English newspaper in French.

By greg from Other on 25-06-2021 09:33

Le gouvernement a donné priorité à l'économie sur la santé de ses habitants en laissant rentrer massivement les anglais!
Le Portugal va payer doublement cette précipitation et une nouvelle crise s'annonce....

By Michel Schuermans from Algarve on 25-06-2021 09:10
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