UK joins Portuguese red list

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The Portuguese Government published today an order stating a mandatory quarantine for citizens arriving in Portuguese territory from the United Kingdom without full vaccination.

The order No. 6326-A/2021 also states that people who are fully vaccinated don’t need to quarantine - but they have to present a proof of complete vaccination done in that country for at least 14 days.

According to the order, the vaccination is considered complete "after taking a single-dose vaccine (for vaccines with a one-dose vaccine schedule); or after second dose of a vaccine against with a two-dose vaccine schedule, even if doses of two different vaccines have been administered; or a single dose of a vaccine against covid-19 with a two-dose vaccination schedule for people who have recovered from the disease - if it is indicated in the vaccination certificate that the vaccination schedule was completed after administration of one dose."

This new travel order, which is applicable for air, land, sea and river arrivals into Portugal, takes effect from 00:00 on 28 June 2021 until 23:59 on 11 July 2021.

Comments: be fair...there's one kind of nutters I like. Nutter Butters! Look it up.

By William from Other on 01-07-2021 10:48

The only nutter in here is William from Other...
Still believing in this hoax of a pandemic with all its absurdity.
Go get a life !

By Wendy Smith from Lisbon on 01-07-2021 07:33

What the nutters aren't telling you. They all post regularly, which means they haven't gone to jail, which means, they tell you to stand up and resist, but they aren't doing it themselves, which means, when they go out in public, they are wearing their masks and following safe protocols. It's so obvious....

By William from Other on 30-06-2021 05:35

Delta variant can spread within “5 to 10 seconds” of exposure, officials caution: It takes seconds, not minutes to transmit the delta variant of the coronavirus, according to Australian health officials who are combating an outbreak in New South Wales. They warn that the variant first identified in India appears to be more transmissible across all age groups, including children. Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said officials are seeing “very fleeting contact” in some cases. Health department investigators have found at least one case, caught on CCTV cameras, where a person was infected with COVID-19 as a stranger walked past them while shopping at Bondi Junction Westfield, according to ABC Australia. “If you remember at the start of this pandemic, I spoke about 15 minutes of close contact being a concern,” Young said. “Now, it looks like it’s five to 10 seconds. That’s a concern. The risk is so much higher now than it was only a year ago.

By James from Algarve on 30-06-2021 03:48

Covid = China WINNER / Rest of the World LOSERS
That was always the plan.
And you all still think there is a deadly plandemic,
...whoops I meant pandemic.
Who are the fools ??
Hahaha !

By George from Lisbon on 30-06-2021 10:09

Wow; there sure are a lot of ‘nutters’ posting here.

By larry from Algarve on 30-06-2021 09:01

We are due to travel to the Algarve in July but will have to cancel even though we have had both vaccines since may, northern Ireland haven't brought in vaccine passports so we have no way of proving it ,also n Ireland covid rate is low compared to the rest of the UK ,think n Ireland should of been given special stutus

By Colin foster from UK on 30-06-2021 08:16

The sense of entitlement of some posters is shocking. After soreading the Alpha variant to Europe through December travel out of Britain, which triggered Europe's third wave and killed thousands. They now want to repeat that with Delta!
Some even threatening to move their holiday houses to Soain if they aren't allowed to do what they like in other people's country's!
I hope they have an EU passport or they are going to be in for another wake-up call.

By Bob from Lisbon on 30-06-2021 07:07

Wow. Here I thought my fellow Americans had a monopoly on crazy. I was wrong. You Brits can give the insane American right wing a run for its money. Portugal is dealing with an upsurge of the Covid Delta variant, spread by guess who? Brits traveling to Portugal.
Don't want to quarantine? Don't go.

By Maxine Borcherding from USA on 29-06-2021 11:13

It was all those Brits that were allowed here and didn't wear masks or wore them under their noses.

Reports from Australia show the Delta variant can be passed in as little as 5 seconds.

Unmasked and incorrectly masked and paper masked people are effectively weapons.

Be V V Careful

By James from Algarve on 29-06-2021 11:03

Was about time that Portugal took action against infectious Brits spreading disease across Europe. They make us all pay for the incompetence of this failed BloJo government.

By Geert Freyhoff from Lisbon on 29-06-2021 09:29

Not much chance of any change after 11 July, I don't think. Britain, government and people, has mismanaged the pandemic worse than any other European country, as is obvious to anyone who has spent any time there. Only in getting in early and paying a lot more taxpayers money for the vaccine has the British strategy been successful.

By Mark from Algarve on 29-06-2021 07:27

Well done Portugal, ban all these nutters and their odd NWO crap. The world is looking at these people in shock, stay away from Portugal and go cough on your nanas.

By Saor Luso from UK on 29-06-2021 06:33

Will it definitely be lifted after the 11th July?

By Kirsty from UK on 29-06-2021 05:44

We own a Villa on the Algarve which we’ve been unable to visit since last August and now Portugal has decided our 14 year son is no longer welcome and is barred from visiting. This is the final straw and I’m afraid it’s now time to sell up and move to Spain where, at the moment, we appear to be far more welcome

By Steve from Algarve on 29-06-2021 03:47

The decision of Portugal to require full vaccination of even 12-18 year-old Britons is inexplicable, when that age group is not able to get vaccinated in the UK yet. It thus looks like a deliberate ploy to prevent family holidays or to divide families with both teenagers and younger children. That seems a very poor attitude towards what has usually been seen as a major appeal of Portuguese holidays - being family-friendly!
Hopefully, there is still time for this decision to at least be modified to enable 12-18 year olds to be tested, rather than have to be vaccinated. I hope that the Portugal News will. Campaign for this outcome.

By Chris Bowmer from UK on 29-06-2021 03:01

Portuguese government seems do not understand that vaccinated people are more dangerous for the society than not vaccinated

By Irek from Porto on 29-06-2021 01:19

When are we going to wake up to the fact they are taking advantage of us as obedient civilians of society and we are being played BIG TIME ?
We have for too long given away our consent to those who do NOT have our best interest at heart (as they don't even have a heart) and today we are suffering the consequences of it.
They are playing us which ever way they want, treating us as mere fools thinking they can disrespect us with absurd rules, consider each one of us as numbers on a list penalising us when we break 'their' rules forced on to us.
This is called blatant in your face FEAR MONGERING to the highest degree.
This is what AUTHORITARIAN regimes use to suppress civilians living in a democratic environment.
Making us fearful for a virus that has a 0.3% mortality rate.
Does any of this make sense to you ?!

By Cesar G. from Porto on 29-06-2021 12:11

It is suicide to take the injections which are part of an effort to create depopulation of the entire planet but survival for the physcopathic criminals that have planned and instigated this atrocity years ago. Stand fast my friends. Ruination and poverty are a goal and soon insects will be mandatory food too. Do not comply to anything and live your life as free men and women. I understand the police have been vaccinated not a good sign. They may bring a newly formed NWO army in. Stand up now.

By Liz jones from UK on 29-06-2021 07:23

What a load of *******, this whole affair is a scam ! The NWO are into the end game, they must be stopped. Masonic satanic games and depopulation is clearly what's happening

By Covid is scam from Other on 28-06-2021 07:52

To implement new legislation overnight looks mistaken/oversight as it cannot be justified by the epidemiological data.
Imagine yourself double checking the news on Sunday evening, boarding your flight to Portugal on Monday morning and realising that you would be expected to stay for 2 weeks in isolation! Crazy - this needs a few days so people can decide whether it is still worth going?

By Paulo Goncalves from UK on 28-06-2021 06:30

I see the "Comics" section of The Portugal News is large again today....I mean "Comments", "Comics". Laughter is the best medicine, so they say! (Look it up) It will hold me over until my 2nd Moderna. Thank you Portugal News!

By William from Other on 28-06-2021 05:22

The people must protest loudly against this madness like they did in London this weekend.

This is not a pandemic, the vaccine is poison, pcr tests are fake, the people are brainwashed.

The plan with this folly is to go into a dictatorship.

This madness must end now!

WAKE UP!!!!!!!

By Liz from Lisbon on 28-06-2021 04:42

Since March 2020 our lives have been sabotaged and ruined by a virus that has a 0.3% mortality rate.
Think deeply, REAL deeply......
Does this real life nightmare make any sense at all ?
Oh yes, lets not forget the PCR tests that are apparently 97% inaccurate in diagnosing covid and those who take the vaccines can still get covid...
The absurdity just doesn't end.......
For fXXX's sake , shall we all just grow a backbone and WAKE UP ?!

By Joe from Lisbon on 28-06-2021 03:45

York from Lisbon on 28-06-2021 09:51 and others here have commented that it is now known that being fully vaccinated does not guarantee you will not catch the virus or stop you spreading it if you do, so I am wondering why we are expected to want these jabs that might even kill us? It seems that vaccine passports are in the pipeline and without them we will not be able to travel!

By Steve Andrews from Other on 28-06-2021 03:30

After the Delta variant will be the next variant and then the next and then the next. You are being abused and lied to every day, and you do NOTHING.

By Latoysha Adams from USA on 28-06-2021 02:44

My parents were due to travel to Portugal today, which is their third attempt after not seeing them for almost 2 years. A rollercoaster few months with the Portugal moving onto the green list, then to the Amber list... praying we would stay off the red list last week. But then the day they are due to travel we get this news - NO NOTICE... just a hint earlier in the week that the PM might give into to the pressure from Merkel. What a joke.

By Sam from Lisbon on 28-06-2021 02:44

vaccinated people can get infected though at a less dangerous level, assuming that they never had the infection in the first place or caught it in the initial day after when the body was producing antibodies and T cells to fight the disease. Assuming that they did not catch it then, a vaccinated person cannot shed the virus as the virus used is inactivated.
COVID-19 vaccines do not contain a live virus, so there isn’t a biological path for a vaccinated person to “shed” the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein to those around them.

By g sibley from UK on 28-06-2021 02:13

The MRNA vaccines are a new and untested platform

"The jabs can precipitate a ‘rare’ but deadly condition known as ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) which basically means that someone who might have naturally developed only a mild illness as a result of contracting Covid-19 could experience severe disease, lasting morbidity and even death as a result of having been vaccinated."

"People over the age of 50 who have been fully vaccinated are three times more likely to die from the Delta variant than those who haven’t received any vaccines” (this is a headline taken from Swiss online ‘uncut news’ yesterday)."

People have not been given informed consent.

Double vaccinated people are still able to breed and spread covid.

To rely on the vaccine to end the pandemic is the height of all folly as the virus will always be steps ahead of the vaccine.

Ivermectin need to be discussed as it has had powerful results across the world.

It is off patent and very cheap and that is why big pharma and vested interests and censoring discussions about it.

By James from Algarve on 28-06-2021 01:13

Yes seriously York Rap. The Delta variant arrived in Portugal prior to the Brits arriving. The pickers in the South of the Alentejo from India and Nepal bought it in. The French won’t take the vaccine because of poor government and the Germans are now employing tough love to their Covid “poor payments”. The Dutch warned the posturing of Germany and France would happen perhaps not this soon but it’s started.

By Bruce Smith from Algarve on 28-06-2021 01:04

Without tourism the economy will collapse Portugal invited UK tourists and when it goes wrong you then blame them .
The Delta variable was spread by people returning from India and circumnavigating the rules to avoid paying for quarantine its not a British stain the brits just discovered it because they have the scientific expertise Portugal begged FIFA for the CL Final for the revenue then promptly blamed the UK for increasing the rates yet Portugal knew it was two UK teams playing in the final.
Tourism puts bread on the table for the Portuguese year in and year out yet your distain for tourist and the British is embarrassing.

By Shaun from Algarve on 28-06-2021 12:18

To those who got vaccinated, and you thought you won freedom by taking the double jabs they told you to take...
You're still the prisoner to their eyes !
About time we WAKE UP perhaps ?!?

By Michael A. from Algarve on 28-06-2021 11:09

The Story of Portugal:
.....Make your country dependant on tourism.
Suicide your country into oblivion.....
The bunch of clowns in government starting with the jokers Marcelo and Costa are the ones to blame.
Toyed around daily by those puppet masters sitting in Brussels.
Not looking good is Marcelo and Antonio ?
Surely you didn't see it coming !

By Frank from Lisbon on 28-06-2021 11:03

Welcome to the 'New Abnormal' !
Where nothing makes sense...
... and the "Absurd" is the daily norm.
They might as well make a new James Bond flick inspired out of it

By Cesar G. from Porto on 28-06-2021 10:55

This is total coercion into having a gene altering jab that is still on 3rd stage trials until 2023only being allowed under

By John from Algarve on 28-06-2021 10:39

The whole system is a farce. Testing, vaccine yet, just like last year, the UK are bringing variants to Portugal. Test 72 hrs before travelling because the virus decides not to infect you for the next 72 hrs. The anti-vax brigade get used to home, you won't be going anywhere for a long time.

By Alan Harris from Algarve on 28-06-2021 10:05

Politicians are like children. First Great Britain puts Portugal on the "amber list", and now Portugal UK on "red". I "admire" European cohesion. And all of this with the knowledge that the PCR tests are incorrect and that vaccination does not prevent infection and spread.

By York from Lisbon on 28-06-2021 09:51

Does this apply to under 18’s who aren’t currently offered the vaccine in the U.K.?

By David from UK on 28-06-2021 09:38

"people who are fully vaccinated don’t need to quarantine", although they can still get Covid and spread it.... Insane!!

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 28-06-2021 08:04

Agree, Fred, absolutely insane!

"Should be extended to EU countries, particularly France, whose citizens seem to think they can walk around without masks and social distancing is for everyone else.

By Julie Twambley from UK on 28-06-2021 08:13"

Seriously, Julie?
Those old fu..... boring sensitivities between the British and the French?

"but why limit it to the UK."
Because the Delta variant of the virus is distributed mainly by British tourists in Portugal and not by French, Germans, Spaniards, Austrians, Italians, etc.

By York Rapp from Lisbon on 28-06-2021 09:22

A very good idea, but why limit it to the UK.
Should be extended to EU countries, particularly France, whose citizens seem to think they can walk around without masks and social distancing is for everyone else.

By Julie Twambley from UK on 28-06-2021 08:13

"people who are fully vaccinated don’t need to quarantine", although they can still get Covid and spread it.... Insane!!

By Fred Doe from Algarve on 28-06-2021 08:04

Does this apply to children ?

By Philip Basnett from Algarve on 28-06-2021 07:22

Does this new ruling mean that the vaccine status removes the need for PCR/Lateral flow tests?

By Josie from UK on 28-06-2021 01:04

Really sad had to cancel our trips last year and it now looks like we are going to have to cancel this year also. The kids where so looking forwards to a holiday. Once again our government allows the Delta variant in and we all suffer.

By Brian Greenbank from UK on 28-06-2021 12:03

Children under the age of 18 yrs are not being vaccinated yet in the UK. How does this travel order take this into account? How could families travel to Portugal if the parents are fully vaccinated, but the children are not?

By Christine Burt from Algarve on 27-06-2021 11:57

About time. This should have been done weeks ago. Portugal has been treated very badly by the UK. It is time we fought back.

By Nina O'Donnell from Lisbon on 27-06-2021 11:40

A nonsensical rule as it is now common knowledge that “vaccinated” people can still get infected and transmit the virus, so why the discrimination? It is simply coercion to get people to get jabbed! No thanks, I am not a lab rat!

By SS from Algarve on 27-06-2021 11:35

Political posturing or start of the next phase?
ZERO evidence that vaccinated persons do not spread. They spread just like anyone else WITH symptoms.
No proof of asymptomatic spread in either persons.
When are we finally getting some real scientific information?

By Paula from Algarve on 27-06-2021 11:29
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