In a statement, the Judiciary Police (PJ) reveals that the facts regarding to the child abuse began in 2020, "when the man, a direct family member, took up residence with the child, during a period of absence of the child's mother".

The suspect took advantage of "the relationship of trust, proximity and family dependence" to sexually harass her, repeatedly.

However, earlier this year, the man "became the main caregiver of an elderly dependent family member, taking advantage of this to submit her to serious sexual abuses", reads the statement.

The child is 12 years old and the person incapable of resistance is 74 years old and has psychomotor retardation.

The facts were committed in the district of Lisbon and according to the PJ the man is accused for more than 300 crimes of sexual abuse.

The man, who has a criminal record of drug trafficking, was arrested received the most severe coercion measure - preventive detention.