Through their website, the client chooses the therapist, which can be done by reading reviews and ratings given by other clients as all therapists are evaluated by the client, as well as the location where the session will take place, giving you maximum comfort in your own home between 8am and 10pm.

The SOKURA platform started geographically in Lisbon with 12 therapists, followed by 6 therapists in the Algarve and in Porto, with the objective of expanding to the entire national territory. With SOKURA the client is the priority and the platform aims to connect the therapist with the client quickly and safely with just one click. On the SOKURA website, amongst the various services available, you can find wellness and leisure therapies (therapeutic massages, foot and manual reflexology, yoga, pilates and aesthetics), and clinical services (nutrition, psychology, physiotherapy). SOKURA also has a blog and social media, with ideas and advice for relaxation and post-treatment, which is accessible to all, wherever you may be. The payment of treatments is made in advance through their interactive website and within one hour you can have a certified therapist at your door. The platform emerged as a response to the challenges of the pandemic, whereby SOKURA offers a professional and therapeutic service, their therapists have a respectful attitude and wear spare shoes to go inside your home. Additionally, therapists comply with DGS guidelines, such as wearing masks and gloves and all covid rules can be found on their website.


Speaking to Sonia Cardoso, who is the director of SOKURA, she told me that she lived in London for eight years as a professional therapist at a spa and on demand and then she went on to complete a season on a cruise, working as a therapist. Due to the pandemic, Sonia returned to Portugal and told me that “A few days after my arrival I felt the need for therapy. After consulting some therapists, the best I could do was an appointment for three days later. On the day of the appointment and with the aggravation of the situation, I had a hard time going to the place of therapy, and I thought it would have been good for the therapist to have been able to come to my house at the time i needed it most, which is how SOKURA was born and with great dedication the platform has come into fruition.” Through Sonia’s career and working in London, she learnt how important speed and efficiency is when meeting the client’s needs and how fantastic it is that you can reach a client’s house in a short time and provide a session of complete relaxation and pain relief through both physical and psychological services. In addition, she said “I was very happy with the reviews given by customers who repeatedly came to me.” SOKURA therapists goes above and beyond and are respectful of your privacy rules, which really contributes to strengthening bonds of trust between the two, without forgetting that the client is free to choose his or her therapist when making the appointment.”

For more information or to book your first session, please check out their website at or via their social media platforms and Additionally, Sonia Cardoso is looking to expand her team of professional therapist so if you are a certified therapist in the Algarve, Lisbon or Porto area and are interested in working for the platform, please contact Sonia Cardoso at


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