French told to stay away from Portugal

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The French Secretary of State for European Affairs recommended the French people avoid travel to Portugal and Spain.

The situation in the Iberian countries is "particularly worrying", said Clement Beaune, adding that "in the next few days France could strengthen the measures" on the trips to these countries.

This advice comes due to the increase in cases, more specifically those with the more contagious Delta variant.

In an interview with the television channel France 2, Clement Beaune also said that for “those who have not booked their holidays, they should avoid” Portugal and Spain, especially the region of Catalonia.

“It's better to stay in France, or go to other countries,” he added.

Portugal registered on 7 July, eight deaths attributed to Covid-19, the highest number since 14 April, 3,285 new cases of infection by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, and a decrease in hospital admissions, according to data from the General Directorate of Health (DGS).

Spain registered 17,384 new cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours.

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Keep running from the virus and once we are almost out of the woods the next variant will come. Big pharma sitting back laughing all the way to the bank... And very few see this! Those who are comprimised take precaution and those that aren't should be free to handle the way they see fit.

By Frank Ripperger from USA on 09-07-2021 06:56

Good, I don't like France anyway... Way to arrogant and self centred for my taste.
They talk as if they are perfect... Maybe you should invite reporters from all over the world to record what you do in Paris to homeless do tourists don't see them

By Martyn from Other on 09-07-2021 12:24

Best news I've heard all week

By Martyn from Algarve on 08-07-2021 07:23

The reason being still a lot of sheep in the Algarve ..these rules and regulations are the control of the peopme this virus is so damn clever it knows times to atrack
main control of the masses

By maria from Algarve on 08-07-2021 06:39

This is just more propaganda . What a joke disappointed in the Portuguese people. They just keep eating up all the lies.

By Sousa from Other on 08-07-2021 05:25

Greetings from Valenca...Just hiked for two day's and haven't seen that many folk's walking the Camino...The business owners are happy I'm spending money to support the economy...1 person...Not Sustainable...

By Sachi Squatchmo from Other on 08-07-2021 04:18

agreed. the covid scam still has the portuguese acting like scared rabbits. I'm in Taipas and I wish I wasn't.

By rodric reese from USA on 08-07-2021 02:01
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