"The system of traffic lights is already available," said the official source of the task force to the Lusa agency.

The traffic lights that did not come into operation in some vaccination centres until early this afternoon, will still be operational today, assured the same source.

If the virtual traffic light is red, it is estimated that the waiting time will be over an hour. If it is yellow, the estimated time of service is between 30 minutes and an hour, and when the colour is green, the probable waiting time is 30 minutes.

The turnout at the vaccination site can be consulted via the National Health Service (NHS) website, at https://covid19.min-saude.pt/cvc.

On Tuesday, 6 July, the coordinator of the structure that coordinates the logistics of vaccination, Gouveia e Melo, called for the schedules of each vaccination centre to be respected in order to dilute the flow of users to be vaccinated in the various modalities available.

"In recent days, a significant number of users without scheduling went to some covid vaccination centres (CVC) to be vaccinated in the anticipation of the second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, without respecting schedules set by each" one of these structures, said the task force.

The team that manages the logistics of vaccination in mainland Portugal requested that "all users respect the established schedules, either in the scheduling by SMS and phone call, either for the 'open house' and anticipation of the second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine, defined for each CVC.

The opening hours of each centre are available on the website of the Directorate-General for Health, at https://covid19.min-saude.pt/vacinacao-covid.

On Monday, 5 July, the vice admiral said that the possibility of long queues at vaccination centres was expected due to the increased pace of the process, but acknowledged that it is a problem and would have to be resolved.