Our prices and quality cannot be beaten.

We can work with you for supply only and we will give your own gardener sufficient instruction to complete your work. We can do the full installation, including ground preparation. Your choice.

If you are having a new house built this is the perfect time to speak with us, so that the builder can leave the “grass area” in a suitable state for grass fitment. This will not cost any extra on your build agreement and will save money on our installation as we don’t have to start removing materials that have been put in by the builder.

If you send us dimensions of your grass area and also a few photos we can give you a ball park quotation for the finished article. If this is within your budget we will send an installer to firm up the price and give a start date.

To find out more about super Classis Grass from Belgium (10 year warranty) contact Mãos Verdes via their website www.maosverdes.pt. email us info@maosverdes.pt or phone Ray 938659443 or Nélia 934816122