It was never going to be easy to become a doctor but through perseverance, watching the BBC to learn English, buying books from street sellers and teaching himself he started his path towards achieving his dream.

Despite his anxiety issues he eventually went on to study at Cambridge University, Imperial College and Harvard, and worked as a doctor in the NHS. This was not enough for him and in 2015 he founded Arian Teleheal, a global charity that connects doctors in war zones and low-resource countries with their counterparts in the US, UK, Europe and Australia.

The aim of this charity was to save lives, just like his was saved all those years before.

Ultimately the lesson in this book is the tenacity and resilience of the human mind and will. Although the discussion of refugees can divide opinions, this book shows the power of a success story and what kind of impact one can have in their new country when they use their life experience to help others.

I found this book hard to put down. This is a searing honest account of a man who is committed to helping those with medical needs. The book is very well written and inspiring and should be added to your reading list!