The tax exemption process has to be applied 12 months from the date you left United Kingdom and start counting 20 working days from the day that you brought your vehicle to Portugal. This means that you should have your residency applied as well as your fiscal address in Portugal updated.

To initiate this process, you must be at least 18 years old and the vehicle has to be registered in your name for a minimum of 6 months prior to moving to Portugal, being it calculated from the date on which the leasing contract was signed or from the date on which the vehicle registration was issued.

There are several documents to apply this process, namely: Vehicle Inspection Certificate; Vehicle Approval Certificate from IMT; European Certificate of Conformity from the vehicle manufacturer from professionals such as EuroCoc; Registration Certificate; Customs Importation Declaration; Documents that proof your residency such as water, electricity bills; Residency Certificate that declares the date issued by the country of residence from the authorities in your country of residence (Town Hall/Embassy/HMRC/Taxes).

After having the necessary documents in your possession the request has to be done on the Tax Office’s website. So, make sure that you have access to the Portal with your fiscal number and password to proceed.

If you succeed with this procedure and be exempted of the importation tax by the customs, a license registration number for the vehicle has to be obtained in the IMT, followed by the Registration Certificate acquired in the Vehicle Registry Office – Conservatória do Registo Automóvel.

Once you accomplished the tax exemption, remember that you may not sell, hire or loan your vehicle for a period of 12 months, following the date on which the Portuguese car registration is given.

If you don’t meet all the requirements and your application is refused, you only have 30 days to indicate what you intend to do with the vehicle, either pay for it or take it back to the country where it is registered, or the Portuguese authorities may consider that the vehicle is in Portuguese territory illegally.

However, should you experience any problems or difficulties in registering your car in Portugal, we would recommend you to seek the services and advice of a Solicitor who will guide you through the process.