We had three small carrier bags with us, selected the cleaner we wished to purchase, advised the young woman who served us and kindly took the cleaner to the pay point that we wanted to make a short visit to the “English Shop’ and would return to pay. We returned with an extra two bags, paid for the vacuum and gathered our assorted purchases. I suggested to my husband (who incidentally is blind) that we take the bags outside to await our lift and I would return for the vacuum. There were five staff (mostly males) standing around the cash point like spare parts at a redundant factory. Not one of those males (assistants ?) made any move to help but one of the young women identifying our difficulties offered to take the vacuum outside which we accepted.

On Tuesday 6 July during a visit to Brico Marche in Lagos we saw a small, white, outdoor occasional table in a stack of black ones. We were unable to shift the load and asked a young male assistant if he could help free them. He did, no fuss and when I made to pick up the table he said “no, I take”. He placed it within sight of the busy cashier and after I had paid for it noticed he had removed it to the reception desk and was busy cleaning it.

Customer Service:
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Brico Marche 10

P Jones, By email