MIA considers that this decision marks the end of the mining project of the company Berkeley Minera España, SL (BME) in Retortillo, Salamanca, 40 kilometres from the Portuguese border, and with it, the exploration of uranium in Spain”, says the coordinating committee of MIA in Portugal in a statement sent to Lusa News Agency.

On Monday, the Spanish CSN gave a negative opinion on the construction of a uranium factory in Retortillo (Salamanca), about 50 kilometres from Portugal, in the Douro International Natural Park area.

The reason for giving an “unfavorable” opinion to the request presented by the company Berkeley Minera Spain was due to the “low reliability and high uncertainties of the radioactive installation's safety analysis in relation to geotechnical and hydrogeological aspects”.

The technical opinion will now be submitted to the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, which will take the final decision on the matter.

MIA also underlines that the Spanish CSN “has taken a big step with this decision, placing the environment and populations as a priority, to the detriment of speculative projects that increase radioactive contamination”.