At a press conference at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, in Portimão, the Faro District Operational Commander for Civil Protection, Richard Marques, said that now the concern is focused on the two fronts as the weather will be similar to Saturday, but with an intensification of the wind since 10:00 am.

The wind forecast, with 35 km/h "requires a team on the ground in an area of ​​almost two thousand hectares and a perimeter of 23 km" in order to fought immediately any rekindles to prevent them from getting a greater dimension, he stressed.

The official said that the residents had already returned to their homes.

In all, 68 people were evacuated from their homes, with 21 staying overnight at the Center for Concentration and Support for the Population in Portimão Arena.

Richard Marques informed that as of Monday, the Ministry of Agriculture will make available, in physical facilities in the region and on its website, the necessary forms for farmers to report possible losses.

Present at the press conference, the mayor of Monchique highlighted the importance of the next few hours and asked for it to be done "strictly, so there are no surprises".

Rui André revealed that he had already carried out a survey of the losses in his municipality, which can reach approximately two thousand burnt hectares.

The GNR was present at the conference and confirmed that the "first information of the steps" carried out is that the fire "will have started in an area closed to an association located in the Tojeiro area", Monchique municipality.

Captain Pedro Fernandes said "it is still unknown" how the fire started, stating that the investigation is from the responsibility of the Judiciary Police.

The mayor of Portimão revealed that the municipality and the parish council of Mexilhoeira Grande "will talk to people who have had losses" to support them in whatever they need at the moment, as well as helping incthe forms to obtain others supports.

Isilda Gomes informed that the elderly “are already returning home”.

At 1:00 pm, 449 operators were on the ground, supported by 154 vehicles and seven air firefighters.