60 percent of flights cancelled at Lisbon airport today

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The second day of the strike by workers at the `handling´ company Groundforce led to the cancellation of 321 of the 515 flights scheduled for today at Lisbon airport, announced ANA – Aeroportos de Portugal.

“Due to the strike of Groundforce's, of the 515 flights scheduled on 18 July to Lisbon airport, 321 flights have been cancelled (166 arrivals and 155 departures) and a total of 194 are expected to be operated. (95 arrivals and 99 departures)”, said ANA in a statement.

Airlines that use terminal 2 of the Portuguese capital's airport - the 'low cost' - and those that operate with a ground handling company other than Groundforce, maintain their regular operations, the airport company assured.

According to ANA, 37 flights were cancelled at Porto airport on 18 July; seven flights were cancelled at Faro airport and, in Madeira and Porto Santo, the strike led to the cancellation of six flights at each of the airports.

As on 17 July, the first day of the strike, ANA asked passengers with a flight scheduled over the weekend to find out the status of the flight, before going to the airport.

The stoppage will continue on 31 July, 1 and 2 August.

In addition to this strike, since 15 July, Groundforce workers are also carrying out an overtime strike, which lasts until midnight on 31 October, 2021.

Groundforce is 50.1 percent owned by Pasogal and 49.9 percent by the TAP group, which, in 2020, became 72.5 percent owned by the Portuguese State.

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Once again the most protected workers go on strike for unjustified reasons. The answer is full privatisation of airlines, airport authorities and all ground services. Privatisation transfers power to the consumer, which is why the unions hate it so much. It would also diminish the political aspect to these strikes, often a means of hitting out at the government since they own a stake in the company.

By Billy Bissett from Porto on 21-07-2021 08:11

As two pentioners, isolation isn't a problem, we went to the algarve twice last year, and once this June, ,and in August, 10 of our family hope to go again,,the last trip cost €450 in tests, ,,

By Peter from UK on 20-07-2021 10:44


Thanks for your coverage. Would be great if you would also support writing about the large number of passengers who after saturday’s travel nightmare still have not heard a word about our luggage. Travelling to Algarve via Lisbon proved the wrong choice for us as we now (tueday morning) have yet to hear any news of our luggage stranded at Lisbon. Regards Thomas & family

By Thomas Skytte from Algarve on 20-07-2021 09:32

It just goes to to show you, it’s always something, if it’s not one thing it’s another.

By Gap Phuc Usef from Algarve on 19-07-2021 05:28

ah well, another nail in the tourism coffin

By Ian from Lisbon on 19-07-2021 11:49
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