"We hope that, in 2025, with these two phases of investment, we can reach 60 percent of renewable energy on Terceira Island and 44 percent will be from geothermal energy, whereas currently geothermal energy only guarantees 14.5 percent", added, in statements to the journalists, the president of EDA and EDA Renováveis, Nuno Pimentel.

"If the production of the wells corresponds to what we expect, it will allow the expansion of this plant by another seven megawatts and, therefore, have an installed capacity in the Pico Alto plant of about 10 megawatts, which is what, in our experience, shows us that it is the economically viable dimension for an installation of this nature”, said Nuno Pimentel.

The drilling of the three new wells “should take around six months”, followed by saturation work at the current plant, in a global investment of 26 million euros, until 2025.

The president of EDA also estimates that, in early 2022, a system of storage batteries and grid energy control may come into operation on Terceira Island, which will “contribute to the increase in the increase of renewable energies”.

According to Nuno Pimentel, geothermal energy, existing only on the islands of Terceira and São Miguel, where there is a dimension to make the investment economically viable, is relevant, because “it has the capacity to be able to produce continuously throughout the year”.

“It doesn't depend on the hours, it doesn't depend on the sun, it doesn't depend on the rain. It gives us another guarantee in terms of the public supply of electricity. It is a resource that must have a relevant priority in our context of energy transition”, he stressed.

On the island of São Miguel, six new wells were recently opened, which “will enter a testing phase”, with the expectation of increasing of geothermal energy from 42 to 60 percent.

The regional secretary of Transport, Tourism and Energy of the Azores, Mário Mota Borges, highlighted the importance of geothermal energy, “not only in terms of the power that can be made available, but above all in the regularity that this power will be available”.

According to the official, the investment in the Pico Alto Geothermal Power Plant will help the Region to reach the target of 60 percent penetration of renewable energies, thus reducing dependence on the outside world and the use of fossil fuels.

"The production of energy from geothermal energy is already moving towards the new millennium and getting closer to what is to keep the quality of life with alternative energy sources, which do not have a negative contribution to the environment", he stressed.