The Bank detains a vast experience in providing full immigration banking services for expatriates and applicants of the Portuguese Golden Visa programs. At your disposal you will find dedicated client managers, proficient in Portuguese, English and Chinese, a very efficient remote account opening process and a holistic range of wealth management services like Discretionary Portfolio Management, Investment Advisory or Brokerage. Either in Portugal or anywhere in the world, Bison Bank’s client managers provide a distinct and premium service on the planning and management of your assets. Also, the look and feel of proximity towards investment solutions and banking services is always present, being always by the clients’ side at the time of taking decisions.

The Bank has distinguished itself in the past couple years due to its wide offer of Venture Capital Funds that provide access to the Golden Visa Program through an investment of €350.000. Clients from all over the world have leveraged Bison Bank’s immigration banking services when applying to this residency by investment scheme. The remote and supportive account opening and the closeness of the account managers, make Bison Bank an undeniable choice for expatriates and applicants of the Portuguese Golden Visa programs. Also, Bison Bank’s wealth management area provides a fully integrated wealth management service, combining financial planning expertise, investment management knowledge and the access to global financial markets for individual and institutional clients. The Discretionary Portfolio Management service offered is suitable for investors who lack the time, experience or desire to actively manage their portfolio, and is customized to fit the Client’s circumstances, investment objectives, risk profile and expectations on projected return (via model or tailored-made portfolios). When the investors want to intervene in all stages of the investment cycle, working alongside the investment advisor, then the best choice is to opt for the Investment Advisory service. In case the investor wants to take full control of its investment strategy, the brokerage service enables the client to retain its investment independence and responsibility for its trading decisions.

Currently, Bison Bank is running selective products and services campaigns for individual and institutional clients, with an emphasis on the USD Term Deposits and on the Bison China Flexible Bond Fund. As per the USD Term Deposits, the client can choose from different terms, according to its needs. The Bank offers term deposits up to 36 months and with Gross Annual Nominal Rates that can reach 1,85%. The Bank is also campaigning its RMB Term deposits with a rate up to 1,75% in 24 months.

Bison Bank is also the sole distributor of an investment fund that enables its subscribers to invest in bonds from Chinese issuers – Bison China Flexible Bond Fund. This fund is an innovative investment fund that allows investors to have fund's shares in USD, EUR and CNY, and exposure to several Chinese issuers of high credit quality, with daily subscriptions and redemptions. Investing in the fund means having access to the economic potential of China and to the second largest bond market in the world.

Today, Bison Bank has clients from more than 64 countries and has more than 1 billion euros in Assets Under Management. The Bank will continue supporting national and international clients, independently of their location, on strategizing and tailor an holistic approach in order to build and manage their wealth.

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