This is for you!
2020 and 2021 – Two years in which our health was frequently compromised by the pandemic. Feeling strong physically and psychologically has never been so important in order to face these unusual times.

Despite creating serious problems and damages for therapists, during the pandemic people raised their level of awareness of the importance of their well-being, whether physically or psychologically, in different areas.

The Portugal News understands how difficult it has been for many therapists who, many times, have had to reinvent themselves and adapt to new technological means, resorting to “Zoom”, “WhatsApp” and “Teams” to continue following their patients, whenever it is possible. In addition to the fact that many clients may have lost their jobs or incomes.


The Portugal News wants to show our solidarity through the creation of a free alternative therapies directory in the newspaper.

Who can be included? All individual therapists based in Portugal who want to share their knowledge to make the world a healthier place.

If you want to be listed for free, please email with:

  • Your name;
  • Your title (it could be, for example, therapist, teacher, practitioner, etc);
  • Your contact details, so our readers can find you easier;
  • A maximum 15-word presentation of your work (optional).
  • It must be noted that we cannot guarantee the date that the listing will be in the paper as it will depend on available space each week.
  • If you have any further question, please email our journalist.