The man was found at 8:30 am, shortly after the GNR resumed its search, and was transported to the Coimbra Hospital and University Center for observation and treatment, the commander of the GNR Territorial Detachment of Coimbra, Rui Silva, told Lusa News Agency.

According to the official, the man was found with "normal vital signs", only showing "the natural tiredness of having been out all night."

The person was found near the bridge of Casais, in the municipality of Coimbra, near the bank of the river Mondego, he added.

The GNR commander believes that the man had been in the water, as when he was found his clothes were “half damp”.

“He didn't explain to us the reason [for the disappearance],” said Rui Silva.

On 27 July, divers from the firefighters searched the Mondego irrigation channel, looking for the man who was reported missing.

At the time, the head of the Divers Unit of the Coimbra Sapadores Fire Company (CBSC), Rui Pereira, said that is not the first time that the man, resident in the area of Penacova municipality had disappeared