The 'Covid Resilience Ranking' is developed and released monthly by Bloomberg, based on the analysis of 12 criteria’s including: sanitation, political and social, namely the number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last month, the total of deaths per one million inhabitants, the rate of positive tests, access to vaccines, the quality of health care, the mobility of populations or the growth forecasts of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2021.

In today's edition, the ranking is led by Norway, which, according to Bloomberg, “is the country that is currently managing to trace the best path for a normal future post-pandemic.” In the global analysis of the 12 criteria’s Norway scores a resilience index of 77.2 out of 100, followed by Switzerland and New Zealand.

The United States of America (USA) was the dethroned from the previous month and is now in fifth place, with a resilience index score of 74. “The reign of the US as the best place to be in the covid-19 era was short-lived. Its vaccination campaign has stalled and new cases, boosted by the Delta variant, rose again in July, prompting new restrictions in some parts of the country, although deaths remain a fraction of what they were in previous waves,” Bloomberg said.

Portugal is in 31st place, down two positions from the previous month, with a resilience index score of 62.2 out of 100, registering, among other indicators, 786 monthly cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. a last month fatality rate of 0.3 percent, a positive test rate of 5.1 percent and a vaccination coverage rate (of the population) of 55.6 percent”, according to the Bloomberg ranking.

Ahead of Portugal are countries such as mainland China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Israel and several Member States of the European Union (Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Ireland or the Netherlands) . Behind Portugal, there are countries like Poland, Russia, Brazil, India or Argentina. In the bottom of Bloomberg's ranking (53rd) is Indonesia, with a resilience index score of 40.2.