We spoke to Jordi Lozano, a partner in SIX2SIX who told us that they usually organise a tour around Europe every year, but due to the current pandemic they had to cancel those plans for 2020 and 2021. To make up for it (at least a little bit) the organisation decided to extend their Costa del Sol Tour and include Portugal in their road trip.

A good decision it seems, as everyone undoubtedly enjoyed the Portimão circuit. “This circuit is known for being a lot of fun, with all the ups and downs it just makes for a great driving experience. This combined with the Algarve itself and roads that lead here from Spain, was the perfect mix. Many drivers love this track and often compare it to a rollercoaster ride.”

For the members, these tours are about more than just driving a fast car, it is about the lifestyle and sharing their passion with likeminded people. “It is nice to go with a group and enjoy not just the cars, but also the surroundings and the stops we have along the way. We love to see new places and have some delicious food and great experiences, all of that is part of the tours.” Jordi Lozano explained.

One of their stops, after a long day at the Autódromo, was the Spy Manor Production HQ. Vanda Everke, the Founder and Executive Producer of Spy Manor Productions hosted the dinner at the Portuguese Villa.

The house is designed in a way that really puts the focus on the impressive car collection that is presented here which makes it the perfect location to host an event for the SIX2SIX Sports Car Community.