According to the provisional balance of the 2nd legislative session of the XIV legislature, released by the Assembly of the Republic, if the number of legislative initiatives decreased compared to the first session - then with 530 bills -, the number of new laws is a record in recent years.

The 82 laws that came out of the Assembly of the Republic in the current legislative session include four organic laws and five laws originating from approved Parliamentary evaluations - which usually result from the combined votes of the opposition against the will of the party that supports the Government, the PS party.

Of the 462 legislative initiatives that entered parliament, 412 were bills originating from the parties and 50 were bills originating from the Government.

However, of the set of bills considered in the second legislative session (which includes some that were carried over from previous sessions), only 16 percent were approved, against 64 percent of the bills, according to the statistical report.
In 2016, the parties represented in parliament presented 317 initiatives, 361 in 2017, 417 in 2018, 317 in 2019 and 478 in 2020.

Regarding resolutions (without the force of law) presented by the parties, their number soared again, going from 587 in the first session to 802 in the second.

In addition to these, there were 15 proposals for government resolutions and, in total, 248 resolutions came out of the Assembly of the Republic in the second legislative session, more than three times the 72 recommendations produced in the first year of the current legislature. Resolutions have no legal value, being, in the majority of cases, recommendations to the Government.