According to data released by the National Election Commission (CNE), the population registered in Portimão has risen to 50,003 voters, which has led to the increase in the number of seats to be allocated to the city council from seven to nine.
In the municipal elections of 2017, according to the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Internal Administration, Portimão had 48,497 registered voters, but it has now surpassed the barrier of 50,000 registered citizens, increasing the number of mandates.

Thus, as was already the case in the two most populous councils in the district, Faro and Loulé, Portimão will increase the number of those elected to the Municipal Council to nine and to 27 for those elected to the Municipal Assembly, when previously there were 21.

In the remaining 15 municipalities in the district of Faro, the number of mandates remained unchanged.

The municipalities of Faro and Loulé have also registered an increase in the registered population since the 2017 municipal elections, from 50,524 to 56,791 voters, in Faro, and from 59,808 to 61,546, in Loulé.

The Portimão Council has been governed by a socialist majority since 1976, and the PS party achieved an absolute majority in the Municipal Chamber in 2017, obtaining four of the seven mandates in dispute.

In the race for the presidency of the Portimão Council are the current president, Isilda Gomes (PS), João Vasconcelos (BE), Nuno Cordas (CDU) and Rui André (PSD). Chega nominated as a candidate for the council a former PSD councillor, Pedro Xavier.

Local elections are scheduled for 26 September.