They are proposing to maintain remote working whenever possible until 85 percent of the population have a full Covid-19 vaccination. They also suggest that, as soon as more than 60 percent of the population has a complete vaccination, the use of a masks outdoors can be scrapped as long as people maintain social distance.

Pulmonologist Raquel Duarte explained that her team’s proposal is to create four levels with different restrictive measures according to the vaccination rate.

Three general measures must be in force at all levels: adequate ventilation and air conditioning, routine use of digital certificates in public spaces and self-assessment of risk.

Proposed rules

According to the proposal, level 1, in which the country currently finds itself, has a population with complete vaccination between 50 percent and 60 percent, at level 2 up to 70 percent, at level 3 up to 85 percent and at level 4, the last and least restrictive, above 85 percent.

As long as the complete vaccination rate is below 85 percent, experts propose to maintain staggered shift work and remote working whenever possible.

When it comes to ​​restaurants and similar (bars included), they suggest that level 1 (up to 60 percent full vaccination) can be open with restrictive measures and a reduction in indoor capacity with a maximum of six people per table. If you have a terrace, priority should be given to meals outside, with a maximum capacity of 10 people at the same table.

At level 2 (up to 70 percent of the population with complete vaccination) the capacity per table is maintained inside, but outside the maximum number of people per table is increased from 10 to 15, and at level 3 (up to 85 percent) inside seating increases to up to eight people at the same table and the limitation on the outside disappears.

At level 4, when more than 85 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated, the experts do not include any restriction on seating in restaurants and similar (bars included).

In retail trade, all activities must comply with the general measures at any level, the same which is already happening in hotels, where only the catering areas must comply with the measures defined above.

In residential units for the elderly, experts suggest that at all levels the risk is identified according to age group, comorbidity and vaccination status and that users, employees and visitors use the digital certificate.

In transport, they propose the mandatory use of masks while more than 85 percent of the population does not have the complete vaccination and state that adequate ventilation and air conditioning systems must be in place. In its absence, the windows must be kept open. Whenever possible, social distance should be maintained.

On beaches, they think that the use of masks should be continued in public (beach bars) or in situations of crowding of people outside their family circle. The distancing measures must also be maintained.

In sporting activities, both indoors and outdoors, general measures must be followed, but priority must be given to outdoor activities at any level.

For large indoor events, they suggest a maximum capacity of 50 percent at level 1 and 75 percent at level 2 (with space assessment). Only from level 3 onwards should general measures be followed and there will no longer be any restriction on capacity.

During celebrations (weddings, baptisms, etc.), the experts propose a maximum capacity of 50 percent while the full vaccination coverage rate does not exceed 60 percent and the capacity rises to 75 percent when between 60 and 70 percent of the population is fully vaccinated . Above this value, at level 3, only general measures must be complied with and there should be no capacity limit.