In my experience, very few people have been made aware of this ruling prior to it being “enshrined in EU law”.

The effect of this ruling on places like Spain, Portugal, Greece, Malta etc will be devastating. In the past a great number of people primarily from the UK, have been able to come, spend money in these respective countries, bolstering much needed tourist income.

The people who are sat in Brussels making up these “diktats” have little concern as to the effect their actions will have in these regions that rely heavily on tourist income.

Many people from the UK are now making the decision to sell up on a life that they have enjoyed for a great number of years, and like I say that has been massively beneficial to the local economy.

Now, I’ve no doubt other people that are located inside the EU such as the French, Germans etc will purchase these properties, but the question is, will they bring the same levels of income to bars and restaurants that the UK holiday home owners have for a great number of years?

From what I hear and see, I think not.

It will only be realised by the good people in Brussels, when that big bucket of money they keep diving into to subsidise these areas, is empty.

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