In the document, the DGS emphasises that, "at this stage, shows with audiences not distributed by marked places are not allowed", insisting that the places in outdoor show venues must be previously identified (chairs or markings on the floor), "giving preference to seating positions”. They stressed the importance of always complying with a distance of 1.5 metres between non-cohabiting spectators, “given that spectators do not move, they are outdoors and are obligatorily wearing a face mask at all times”.

The DGS also says that in open-air shows "the period of entry and exit of the public must be extended so that the entrance of spectators can be delayed, complying, in access, with the rules of minimum physical distance of 1.5 metres between people who are non-cohabitants". In shows with a stage, the first two rows next to the stage must not be occupied or, alternatively, a distance of at least two metres must be guaranteed between the stage and the first row of spectators.

The guidelines also define that events with audiences held outside fixed spaces or establishments of an artistic nature, "should be preceded by a risk assessment by the territorially competent health authority", in conjunction with the event organizer, listening to the local security forces, to determine if there is feasibility and conditions for it to take place.

"The scenes and performances performed live (e.g. plays, orchestras) should be adapted, whenever possible, in order to minimize physical contact between those involved (artists and spectators)", says the DGS, which prohibits the “sharing microphones, instruments, objects and accessories during rehearsals and performances between artists and between artists and spectators”.

The DGS guidance also defines that cultural facilities can operate with a capacity of up to 66 percent and that it is necessary to present a digital certificate or negative test in concert halls or at shows in closed or open spaces whenever the number of spectators is greater than 1,000, in an open environment, or greater than 500, in a closed environment.