To help city breakers and holidaymakers, Radical Storage analysed some of the most popular weekend and short-stay city destinations in and from Europe, ranking cities on 11 key factors; from noise and air pollution, to the number of 4* restaurants per square mile and green spaces available.

The study revealed that the Greek city of Corfu is the best destination for a wellness-inspired city break for European travellers, but also a number of Portuguese cities have managed to secure their place in the ranking and three of them even made it into the top 20.

Right behind Corfu, in second place, is the city of Funchal on the island of Madeira. According to the study, the low levels of city density, noise and air pollution, as well as competitive costs when it comes to eating out, saw the city rank highly with a score of 71.2 percent.

The study conducted by Radical Storage ranks the cities based on these 11 key factors: city density, light pollution, noise pollution, air pollution, sunlight hours, greenery per square mile, view points per square mile, spas per square mile, average meal cost, restaurants per square mile and travel time to and from the airport.

Just outside the top 5, which consist of Corfu (78.9 percent), Funchal (71.2 percent), Zadar (68.3 percent), Dubrovnik (67.6 percent) and Salzburg (67.3 percent), Braga ranked sixth with 65.5 percent, securing the second position in the top 10 for Portugal.

A little bit further down, and not far outside the top 10, is Faro with a score of 59.8 percent, a score that earned 12th place in the study.