In the last article, we talked about the benefits of buying an electric car. I was then challenged to test for myself the feeling of driving the new Peugeot e-208 - 100 percent electric version.

In the past, electric cars were seen as being different from others and were often considered to be ugly. But in this case Peugeot has designed a beautiful car, with a sporty, comfortable, modern and sophisticated designed that has been adapted to different types of vehicles, electric being one of them. You can also find this car in diesel, petrol and hybrid versions.

Comfort and speed

The electric car has two modes very which are very different from each other: eco and sport.

Eco mode is a soft driving experience, very appropriate for city driving, where you don’t get a nasty boost like a regular car does when it starts. In eco mode, the throttle is a little heavier, as is the brake. Acceleration is stable and comfortable.

Sport mode is the opposite - the accelerator responded faster, the brake was less sensitive. In sport mode it gives you a boost almost like a race car, with enough strength to be able to start fast if necessary and making overtaking easy with great safety and speed. It’s a very comfortable car to drive and it transmits a dash of adrenaline at high speed.

In fact, the first thing I noticed was the starting speed. A few more miles in, I realised that from 0 to 62 was very fast with an acceleration (0-62 mph) of 8.1 sec, to be specific. The top speed is 93 mph.

My opinion between these two modes: Regarding comfort, the eco is better, but in terms of driving sensation the sport gives you a more powerful sensation, better than a combustion engine car. However, in sport mode the consumptions are higher. So, it might be better to switch. In addition, there is mode B and mode D - B restores more power than mode D, which means more money and miles saved.

Interior and design

New Peugeots in general have a very nice and beautiful interior, and the e-208 is no exception. Besides the appearance, it’s very intuitive, even for those who have never driven one before, it’s easy to learn.
The entire design is very aerodynamic, a totally different look than the usual ones seen at Peugeot over the years and each line is very well thought out.

e-silence driving

Driving this e-208 gives you all the feeling of driving a combustion vehicle. The only big difference is the sound level (or lack of).

Ever wonder what it’s like to drive a car without making a noise? This is not just good for us drivers. Arriving home at dawn, parking the car without making a noise is great for everyone - your neighbours and family will certainly thank you!
And speaking of family, from ergonomics to materials and connectivity, it’s a very comfortable car - in spite of its size because the 208 is a small version – but it has enough space for five people.

And when you go shopping, feel free too because the boot has a lot of space. The boot volume is identical to the combustion version, unlike other electric cars from other brands, this is because the batteries in e-208 are located in the lower part of the car, under the seats, not altering or reducing the boot space.

In addition, the rear has an interesting styling, with the horizontal band in glossy black and is highlighted by the full LED lights with three claws that remain on, both day and night, which in addition to giving more visibility, gives it a sporty look.

Despite having a range of 211 miles which already allows longer trips without stopping to charge the batteries, it is a car that in my opinion is aimed at urban use, not so much for long distances. An e-208 is perfect for those who don’t need to make long constant trips (as is the case for most people actually). For example, it’s super comfortable for shopping, taking your children to school, going to the beach, etc.

Also, it’s a fun car to drive, and because it’s different, some people have interesting reactions to seeing the car and they get surprised by the absence of noise.

In other words, an electric car is not just for people who respect the environment. In fact, it is for those who like to have a comfortable car with speed to overtake, while being modern and up to date.