The drowning occurred at 9:37 am and “two family members who tried to help the girl also suffered minor injuries,” reported the CDOS.

In a statement, the National Maritime Authority clarified that, "allegedly, the child, of French nationality, was at the edge of the water with family members when they were surprised by a wave and were subsequently dragged by the current".

According to the press release, "the lifeguards managed to reach the child, having carried out the rescue" and given the proximity to the Nazaré Lifeguard Station, "the vessel arrived quickly to the site, having collected the lifeguards and the child out of the water”, as well as the two family members.

The girl was transported to the Nazaré Lifeguard Station, where assistance was provided and “resuscitation actions were carried out for over an hour”.

“Despite the efforts of everyone involved, it was not possible to reverse the situation, with the death being declared at the scene.”

The two family members of the rescued victim were also assisted at the scene, and were later transported by the Nazaré Volunteer Fire Department to a hospital unit.

Psychologists from INEM and the Maritime Police are accompanying the victim's relatives.

Two other family members received on-site assistance.