Vale de Lobo will be the host of several artists who will present some moments of musical magic, close to nature, under the sunset and with breathtaking views. These intimate open-air concerts, which have a limited number of spaces, will take place every weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday leading up to the beginning of September. The first concerts took place on the 6, 7 and 8 of August with the fantastic Algarve Jazz Orchestra (OJA), whose performance on each night brought guests hits performed by musicians Diogo Russo, on piano, Luis Henriques on bass and Hugo Alves on the trumpet, accompanied by the unforgettable voice that is Clara Buser.

This weekend, (13, 14 and 15 of August), harpist Helena Madeira will take to the stage for a truly inspiring concert with original and traditional songs from old and classical music, in a romantic session at 8pm. “Nothing more inspiring than to be led by a dreamy celestial harp and singing, emerging from the monasteries and churches of the past. Helena Madeira creates fantasy environments with unique pieces of ancient and classical music, providing moments full of romanticism.” The following weekend, on the 20, 21 and 22 of August, at 8pm, the wonderful duo, João Cuña on Portuguese guitar and acoustic guitar and Pedro Mendes on classical guitar from AMAR GUITARRA, will perform their show ‘Cordas à Conversa’ “featuring an exciting on-stage dialogue between acoustic and Portuguese guitars of João Cuña and Pedro Mendes “Pierre”. The complicity between the guitars is conveyed to the public, along with several original themes.” It is a concert that promises to explore various music genres such as Fado, Flamenco, Jazz and Tango, amongst other, another unmissable concert to be added to your calendar.

On the 27, 28 and 29 of August, it will be the turn of the “Associação Cultural Ideias do Levante”, who promise intimate classical music concerts, with soprano Carla Pontes and classical guitarist Chiqui Garcia, who will bring to life some Spanish music from the most celebrated composers of all time. Entitled Las Mujeres y Cuerdas “it is a voice and guitar dialogue where songs of romantic love, of jealousy, innocence and stray hearts intertwine in this intimate recital taking us through three centuries of music.” “Carla Pontes, accompanied by Chiqui García offer a bouquet of pieces of great beauty that represent the symbiosis between the popular and alternative.” Finally, the last concerts which will take place on the first weekend of September (3, 4 and 5) “featuring lively and energetic violin melodies by the talented artist Elisabete Martins. She will bring exuberant melodies through her voice and violin, in a light concert with a relaxed repertoire of American and Brazilian songs, jazz and bossa nova, which is sure to mirror the relaxed atmosphere of where this concert is set.”

“All our experiences and events are specially made for our community and reflect the true meaning of living life to the fullest”. The concerts are free for members of the resort and cost €20 to the general public. You can purchase tickets to any of these memorable concerts through the Eventbrite platform ( For more information about the resort’s monthly program of experiences and events, please see their website at