Data from INE's vital statistics show that in July 8,757 people died, more than in the previous month (+549), but the downward trend compared to the same period of 2020 did not change, with 1,654 fewer deaths being registered. The number of deaths by covid-19 in July rose to 268 (+192 compared to June 2021), representing 3.1 percent of total deaths.

INE recalls that it was in January of this year that the highest number of deaths per month since the beginning of the pandemic (19,670) was registered, which corresponds to an increase of 65.8 percent (+7,808 deaths) compared to the same month in 2020 Of the total number of deaths, 5,785 were by covid-19, representing 29.4 percent of mortality in January and the monthly maximum number of deaths by covid-19.

After these values had been reached, mortality began to fall in February, to 12,762 deaths, "still, however, it registered higher values than those of the same month in 2020", with 29.2 percent more (+2,882 deaths). In that month, the number of deaths by Covid-19 was 3,594, the second highest, after January, corresponding to 28.2 percent of the total.

"Excluding the deaths by Covid-19 registered in February, mortality this month would have been, for the first time after the start of the pandemic, below the corresponding figure in 2020 (-712 deaths)", stresses the INE. Data from INE show that in March, April, May and June of this year the number of deaths continued to fall, reaching values below those recorded in the same months of 2020.