The airline reminds customers that "Under EU regulation 2015/1998, it is mandatory that passengers complete the Ryanair check-in process directly to ensure passengers are informed of all safety and regulatory protocols required when travelling." circumvented these regulations by issuing their own boarding cards which are not valid on Ryanair flights.

From today Ryanair will refuse boarding to any passenger with a Boarding Pass issued by Customers must get an official Boarding Pass by accessing their booking via or on the Ryanair app.

Ryanair has urgesd customers to only book direct on the Ryanair website or app and avoid booking via third party agents, such as, who do not have authorisation to sell Ryanair flights or to issue Boarding Passes. The Airline has secured a court order in Czechia requiring Kiwi to stop replacing customer email addresses with fake email addresses, and preventing Ryanair from communicating directly with its passengers, however Kiwi is not yet complying with that order.