Granny’s has a wide range of high quality whole and ground spices; flours; basmati rice; lentils; oils, papadums and pickles. They have a variety of Indian snacks that can be savoured with tea, coffee or drinks like Bombay Mix, Bhujia, mini samosas, dal moth etc. You can combine these snacks with Indian Chai that is available plain or with Masala, Cardamom or ginger. Or make your own chai masala with the herbs and spices available at Granny’s. They have a selection of ready to eat packaged food from prominent Indian brands.

They also offer freshly frozen homemade curries. You can make your own meal on a lazy day by combining the curries with naans, tandoori roti, samosas and onion bhajis. The naans are plain, peshawari, masala, garlic coriander, rogani and whole wheat. The samosas offered are of four varieties: Punjabi samosa, meat, chicken and vegetable samosas.

If you decide to cook your own meal, they are happy to help you with the recipe.

Located in Almancil, they are very close to the Almancil Park just across the Old Age Home. It is a corner shop in an apartment building with the name printed on the windows. So don’t miss it. They will be happy to see you and help you get all the Indian food items that you may need.

Call Granny’s Indian Grocery Store: +351 967576856, +351 967548819

Meet them at: Rua Centro Comunitário, Bloco 113R/C, Loja C 8135