I would like to address an issue that relates to me: an Irish/EU citizen. My Irish Driving Licence was due to expire in February 2021 so, in December 2020, I submitted all necessary paperwork to transfer to a Portuguese Driving Licence. This was to comply with current EU legislation which stipulates I must apply for a valid licence in the European country where I live: Portugal. I received a standard response that everything was in order and the transfer of my licence would be addressed “as soon as possible”. Nine months later, I still don’t have my replacement driving licence hence am unable to return to Ireland as I can’t hire a car to travel when I arrive? Due to Covid I have not seen my family for some time and, now that I’m fully vaccinated, would love the opportunity to do so. IMT do not respond to either telephone calls or emails hence I am unable to progress my concerns. IMT are a public authority: what exactly are they doing day-to-day that normal day-it-day issues are being long fingered?

John O’Brien,
By email