Mary Berry is the much-loved former judge on the BBC’s The Great British Bake Off and the author of over 70 books.

In her latest book she gives us her golden tips on how to order your life. These include how to store food, to sorting cupboards, being a fantastic host, making flower arrangements, preparing edible gifts, whether tea should be poured before or after the milk, bringing greenery into your home, even how to set a formal dining table and many more nuggets.

There are many practical tips and pieces of advice and it is perfect for reference purposes. There are bound to be tips that will prove useful to you.

It was also a treat to read a bit more about Mary and her varied history full of wonderful adventures and experiences.

This is a well-written book and the topics are varied. Some of the tips can be tedious at times and some of the information is basic but the presentation was great and still worthwhile to browse. This would make a great gift especially for people who are living alone for the first time or looking for some sage wisdom.

There are beautiful photos throughout and this book will delight homemakers and Mary Berry fans alike!