The 10 thematic panels in English and Portuguese found along the pedestrian paths were replaced, with six in the protected area of Fonte Benémola, and a further four in the protected area of Rocha da Pena, focusing on the themes of fauna, flora, water and built heritage.

The Local Protected Landscape of Fonte Benémola now also has six litter bins, four more than existed to date. These litter bins came to reinforce and complement key locations such as car parks, and picnic parks.

“With the pandemic situation we are experiencing, there has been a considerable increase in the demand for outdoor spaces, namely areas with high natural and/or cultural values, with the unavoidable consequence of the increase in the amount of waste produced. The increase in the number of litter bins will only have and positive repercussions with the help of all visitors,” said a Loulé council spokesman.

“This action aims not only to increase information to visitors, but also to raise awareness of the respect that we all must have for these protected areas and all the natural dynamics that occur there”, said Vítor Aleixo, Mayor of Loulé.