During 2020, only 66 percent of the Portuguese aged between 16 and 74 watched television or videos (including films and series) via streaming, which is below the average of 74 percent in the European Union.

The figures from Eurostat found that Portugal is the fifth country in the European Union (EU) where the fewest people watched television or videos through streaming services in 2020.

From streaming to video games, the Eurostat study found that 38 percent of Portuguese in the same extended age group used the internet to play or download games last year, a percentage that leaves Portugal in 8th place in the table among the 27 Member States and above the EU average of 34 percent. Both rankings are led by the Netherlands.

Services such as Netflix, HBO or Disney+ were most viewed in the Netherlands and Cyprus (95 percent), followed by Finland and Malta, both with 93 percent. The lowest levels of take-up in the EU were recorded in Romania (37 percent) and Bulgaria (44 percent).

In the case of games, the Netherlands surpassed the other countries of the community bloc in 2020, with 56 percent of the population involved in this type of entertainment, followed by Malta and Denmark, with 47 percent. The lowest percentages belong again to Bulgaria, with 16 percent, and also to Poland (19 percent).