Beauty is all around us now
Our glistening globe in present mode
Makes our heavenly hold
Its mankind’s fate to hold it safe and
Keep the world, human safe……
Will our children face this human fate?
Will they run to embrace the race?
This global warmth, a warning beat
The new man’s fate to slow the pace
to make our world, human safe………
For the air we breathe, the water we take
For the food on your plate, make no mistake
For our children’s sake, it’s not too late to
Make our world, human safe……….
Our world is beautiful, green & blue, keep it cool, or be a fool
See the future for fires and floods are letting blood
This heavenly globe, our only home, are we too late? Or is it our fate
Don’t turn away, make our world, human safe………….
Be on our knees, plant the trees and praise the leaves
Protect our bees, cease fouling our seas
Nurture our world and balance right
For all the life on earth, for all your might, love your life
For all mankind, keep the children in mind
Make our world, human safe…………

July 26, 2021 BY Jonathan