In a note sent to journalists, the national director of Chega considers that the possible “requirement for a digital certificate in companies” constitutes the “imposition of unacceptable discrimination in access to a job and normal participation in social, civic and labour life”.

Regarding the obligatory presentation of the digital certificate or a negative Covid-19 test to access hotels and local accommodation or restaurants during the weekend, Chega argues that this measure “violates the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and proves to be notoriously disproportionate to the ends it seeks to achieve”.

“Furthermore, in very few countries in the world we see measures with these characteristics that were adopted by the Portuguese government”, points out the party.

In the statement sent to journalists, Chega states that it will “formally question the Government, through the Assembly of the Republic, about what it intends to do regarding these absurd, illegal and unjustified demands of companies, given that it is the Government that is responsible for the defense of the rights of workers and citizens”.

Diário de Notícias and Jornal de Notícias have reported that that employers recognise that vaccination against Covid-19 cannot be imposed on employees currently in companies, but admit the possibility of limiting the admission of new employees to positions to those who have a complete vaccination.