Not forgetting the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth. The Curtis Cup has just finished, it's a blistering pace but I'm sure we'll keep up. And if the incredible back and forth between Patrick Cantlay and Bryson DeChambeau is a warm-up and a preview of the golf about to come, we're in for a real treat.

With regards to the epic battle between Cantlay and DeChambeau, as with Westwood's tussle with DeChambeau earlier in the year, it again proves that prestigious driving distance doesn't get you over the line, to use an old saying ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ with the pen in this situation being the putter. Accuracy will always beat distance and thank goodness, because the game would be very boring if we all relied on how far we hit it.

It's going to be very interesting to see who is picked for the Ryder Cup and whether or not the DeChambeau/Koepka rivalry spills over into the team room on the USA's side; a lot of people are saying that that conflict is a very personal disharmony which will limit Steve Stricker's pairings for the event. Imagine if Patrick Reed was in the squad, and he could be a Captain’s pick, the USA team might already be two down because of the infighting. I can dream can't I?

Meanwhile, all of this excitement is going to be watched by the Connolly household up in Tróia where we are now based and waiting for our first cohort of students to arrive. I can honestly say I'm more excited about that than any golf that I'm going to be watching on TV.

Edge Golf College starts on the 20th of September and has a fabulous curriculum to present to its students. I have had the luxury of spending the last 8 weeks preparing for the arrival of our students.

As a precursor to the start of term, I get to watch our students play in the first R&A event of its prestigious Student Series, at St Andrews next week. Our newly formed College, based at Tróia, will be teeing it up against the likes of Stirling University, St Andrews University, Birmingham University and Bournemouth University amongst others. It should be a lot of fun.

I will of course, in my next article report on how it went. However, more important topics to discuss really are around the Ryder Cup and how are Europe going to do at the end of next month? The USA are on home soil, and again have the power of the World Golf rankings in their favour, where individually each player on average is much higher ranked than their European counterparts. However, we all know that that doesn't necessarily paint the full picture. Looking through my rose-tinted glasses, I like the fact that very few of the European players are rookies. In fact, the only pure rookie is Viktor Hovland, because you can't really look at Shane Lowry and think that he is a rookie at age 34 and winning the Open Championship in 2019.

You can only think too that Captain Harrington when he goes to his wild cards he will be looking for experience the same way Bjørn did in Paris three years ago when he picked Garcia, Casey, Stenson and Poulter.

Just thinking about it and contemplating it is making me wriggle with excitement, it is by far my favourite sporting event by a mile. However, there is a lot of golf to be played between now and when the Captains decide and I certainly wouldn't want their job, but yet I'm still a little bit envious of the position that they are in.

In the meantime, enjoy your golf and I'll be back in a couple of weeks’ time.