The author, Adam Shoalts is known as a great living explorer. From Canada in 2018 he was named an Explorer-in-Residence of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. He is also an historian, archaeologist, and geographer, and an award winning writer. Among other awards he won the Legislative Assembly of Ontario's 2016 Young Authors Award and the 2017 Louise de Kiriline Award for Nonfiction.

He has explored the wilderness, jungles, climbed mountains and come face to face with bears.

Despite all his adventures he set himself a goal. One spot on the map called out to him. In the Hudson Bay Lowlands is a river that shows no record of it being explored. This is the goal Shoalts has set himself - to explore the river.

What he discovers is a series of dangerous waterfalls that he had to navigate. Once he got back to civilization he was crowned a success and “Canada's Indiana Jones”. He also proved that there is more to the world than we know and can imagine.

This is a great story and I enjoyed reading it. We are privileged to travel alongside Shoalts as he explores the unknown and that there are still people out there who will push the limits of physical and mental endurance. He comes across as a fearless explorer and intelligent and observant.

I would love to join him on an expedition and would love to read more of his stories.